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06-19-2015, 02:49 PM
First... for few days I had no words to describe the feeling about announcing not only another Anno game but also a futuristic one... and on the MOON. And I'm already imagining building a colony on mars. For a second I lost my hope... I was expecting more an Anno somewhere back in the past arnoud year 1800 rather than a futuristic one... it was just the biggest surprise one can ever dream about!

(+) See? Anno without water, giant craters as isles and an ocean of dust instead of water, with vehicles instead of ships. And now we can dream more about inland Anno games with flying isles and zeppelins, or giant deserts and caravans, and dreams and dreams. Ideas are by thousands... technology, time and resources are the stepback.
(-) So one main faction on earth and one side faction on the moon so far. I wish there were more... but who knows in the future?
(-) Clearly no underwater factions or at least deep exploration. Seen no submarine.
(+) Bridges and how beautiful they look!
(+) Finally trains! Although underground ones... I hope to see some decorations that allow us to build some beautiful railways. Maybe one day around year 1800 we will build some steam or even electric railways in Anno, hauling loads of coal, oil and passengers on the rail while giant cargo boats transport goods over the vast oceans.
(-) Hmm no monorail... maybe on Mars. Flying cars should be moved a bit higher to make room for monorails. Quite a lot of work for an unnecessary feature. No big deal.
(-) Overall I hope there are a bit more variety in buildings and decorations...
(+) Flying cars, boats, ships, spaceships, big vehicles on the moon all in one game.
(+) Amazing gameplay on the moon... just by seeing all these little rocks hitting the moon surface here and there... and there is radiation too? Can't even wait to see what this
game brings in therm of natural and artificial disasters!
(+) Upgradable industrial buildings.

06-22-2015, 07:54 PM
I hope they do expansion packs for underwater cities, colonies on all the planets and their moons.