View Full Version : Mini tourmament mode

06-19-2015, 10:53 AM

Id like to propose a game mode id love to see in this game.

- Its a mode where u start the game with 16/24/32 people (if u want 4v4 matches)
- There are 2 > battlefields. In each battlefield there is a sudden death (1 life) battle.
- 2 teams of 4 are pitches vs each other and there's a ranking for the teams.
- After every round (all battles ended) victors are places vs other victors, losers vs other losers (no pun intended)
- U can see a scoreboard to see what team is doing best.

If u die you get to watch in any of the battlefields whats going on, but you can only follow your own chosen side's people. In the end there will be a ranking of the teams. Another feature would be a lobby at the start where people get a set time to make there own teams from the random people that got invited for the game. If they take to long random teams are created.

A preset team mode can be made for this which nice for guild vs guild battles. Multiple teams of 1 guild vs multiple teams of another guild.

Why do i think this is a good idea? Mainly because you start to team up with random people and eventually meet up with the same people more often. Friendship and alliances will be formed. You get rivalry.

The only trouble i can see with this might be the size of the arena u would need if u want say 5 + small arena's and thus 10 teams of 4. I have no idea if the technology behind for honor could pull it off. And if the game fails to be a success (i cant really imagine this but you never know) the game mode might not get enough players to really shine.



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