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06-18-2015, 03:06 PM
Hey there Ubisoft. First off, thank you SO much for giving the world a chance to see something as magnificent as For Honor. The game down to its very core seems like the perfect idea, and hopefully it will be executed with the same kind of perfection.

Something I've seen quite often nowadays is Realistic Object Interaction. Basically stuff like grabbing objects and using them to trigger several different elements of gameplay. While I heard you'd dabble in it when someone asked about it.

Instead of just making gameplay elements like suspending bridges or closing gates interactable, I think you should go as far as you possibly can in this respect, within reason, of course. Say a catapult strike smashes a tower. Rocks and pebbles are scattered on the ground below (maybe you ran past and some hit you as they fell, and you lost some HP or flinched/got staggered), and instead of just making them visual elements or inanimate objects, maybe they could slow movement down, or depending on size make you slip and fall if you sprint. Maybe you can even use them to your advantage while fighting, as you move near a large piece of rock and the enemy strikes from the wrong side, hitting the rock and bouncing off of it, while you retaliate as he is temporarily staggered.

I've also seen a lot of people talk about ranged combat. Since For Honor seems perfect as a melee-focused game, I'd suggest you possibly explore secondary ranged gameplay elements such as picking up a rock and throwing it, or grabbing a javelin from a weapon rack and throwing it at an opponent. This could easily be incorporated into the stance-based gameplay, letting you fend off such objects by deflecting them, and, depending on their size, taking an appropriate amount of time to recover from the deflection.

While this is all very opinion-based and a mechanic many have a strict love-hate relationship with, I think you should at least explore large-scale object interaction such as kicking down a ladder (or picking it up and lining it up again), or even having the npcs attempt to help the team by doing (or being ordered to do as a feat/skill) it, as it all really adds to the immersion of a battle. I really love the gameplay so far, and hope you can refine it even further, as well as add more entertaining strategic gameplay elements like the arrowstorm and catapult strike which really add to the chaos and immersion (and the feeling of helplessness, in some cases).

Keep it up Ubisoft, I am dying to play this game!

Regards, Blizzia.

06-18-2015, 08:18 PM
I agree with everything you said, javelin, ladder, really good stuff but rocks? maybe to just annoy/poke the enemy or do really small damage because rocks can be found with frequency even if nothing has exploded. But yea, it is a great idea removing ladder putting back up, see a javelin, pick it up and throw it to your enemy for a great kill or an advantage for that duel. And if there is not going to be any full ranged class maybe a bow with 3(for instance) arrows would be nice. Another cool thing would be spilling oil then throwing a torch to there.

P.S.: If enemies get hit by the javalin then get stuck on the wall dead with the javelin, that would be great - imagine 1 guy falling then BOOM javelin hit and stuck on the wall. Crazy cool!

Edit: It would be really nice too a jump that your teammate would help you with by pulling you up with both hands on one of your foot to climb something that hasnt a ladder and you could not climb without the help of a teammate.