View Full Version : The most annoying "feature" of AC Chronicles China

06-18-2015, 02:59 PM
Is total lack of options for completionists like me.
One of the achievements (its called "the completionist" btw) requires you to get the highest possible ammount of points on every level. Ok, fine, it actually sounds good to have a hardcore achievements like that.
The problem is how you get those points. For each segment you get points based on your style and performance. And who's idea it was to make "shadow" style giving more points than "assassin"? In assassins creed game. So, you are locked to play "shadow" on each and every segment of every level if you want to get the highest score. And even better, most segments dont provide many options to sneak past all guards without being seen (aka playing "shadow"). Usually its only one way you can do it.
Im not complaining because it too hard. I actually got this achievement yesterday (started playing only this week). Seriously, this is annoying. The entire game reduced to a fixed pre-programmed chain of actions almost w/o variations.
Dont do this again.