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06-18-2015, 01:11 PM

Some time ago, I was Youtubing and I came across a guy that has a lot of swords and was giving some basic lessons. I liked what I saw, so I checked out more video's out of him. 1 Of them was a rather good video that I never thought about, namely a smart use of the shield.

Since the guy explained it so well, I'll post the link to that video. I hope you guys can get some good feedback out of it.


(It took me 15 min to find it again! So I hope you do check it out!)

This is another great video of him sharing his opinion about the best sword games out there.


06-18-2015, 01:18 PM
Yeah, pretty good stuff. I'd also recommend Lindybeige: https://www.youtube.com/user/lindybeige

From what I've seen, the duel-esque combat of this game has a flow to it that includes a nice portion of realism.

The mob killing animations are unrealistic, as (from what I can remember) PCs and possibly NPCs fight as though in duels when up against multiple foes. But this is only a minor aspect of the gameplay, and no one needs to do two completely different animation sets for the two situations. I'm happy that, at least with the central aspect of the gameplay - the hero vs hero battles - the devs wanted a decent amount of realistic motion to it all.