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06-18-2015, 09:46 AM
Hey guys!

Obviously with For Honor so early in development a lot of suggestions here on the forums will either be fresh community ideas or out-of-left-field mechanic suggestions.
I, however, would like to open the conversation by building a list of gameplay mechanics the Devs have revealed to us via the E3 trailer and additional interviews. This would allow the community to give structured and educated feedback as our conversation with the Devs evolves and as the game slides into Alpha/Beta.

Here's an test example:

Mechanic: Art of Battle
Allows for precision combat techniques via the Right Stick. The player can choose left, right, or up, and select either light attack or heavy attack by pressing R1 or R2.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sp3NKQlJPuo

Now this could range from core mechanics such as the example above to the possibility of stats, weapons, or armor that effect how you play your combatant.

Here's a list of things that need additional clarification so far:
-Capture Points
-Weapons (loadouts?)

I look forward to working with you all!

02-25-2017, 06:31 PM
Dear Devs and other readers,

I have run across a problem with the warden class its a standard min/max issue but is in quite a way game breaking for probably players of average skill and below. I ran accross a player by the tag Laigerzero who it apears has min maxed his attack and stamina reduction to the point that he can continusly chain the unblockable shoulder stun and the two quick strikes. I was playing elimination matches with my raider... (one of my higher ranked classes) to complete a contract and every time i came up against him he used this two step combo repeatedly to knock me out. i was able to dodge once or twice but ever with enough time for more than a quick strike before being stunned agian. Also the arch for this attack is large and i seemed to be stunned by what appeared to be a grazing blow or close miss. This along with the speed and damage balance for this class has made me start to hate it. I belive that for a vangaurd class (compairing it to the others) it is as fast as the Kensei and deals almost equivelent damage as the Raider. After testing both classes i can consistantly ( in duel practice) kill an opponent in a shorter period with less damage recived than eaither other vangaurd class. I belive two things need to be done or at least one of the two and they are as follows.

1. Reduce the attack speed a little and i mean just a little to make it competitive with other classes... it still needs to be inbetween the raider and the kensei in attack speed.

2. adjust their unblockable stun shoulder strike move to either take a little more time to build up or to be part of a chain not the start.

I have played since release and firmly belive that in this era where most gamers try to play the most effective class not the most satisfying. you will find a high percentage of Wardens in non Dominon gameplay due to the almost overpowering speed and damage balance compared to others. I do belive the classes skills and balance are good but not quite correct. so i felt that i should post this is the place where i thought it was supposed to go. Considering issues with the server lag and other small things for a new game that are showing this is the only issue i have found that realy makes me want to take a break already i belive at the time of this post i already put 35+ hours into the game. And i will freely admit i am not the best player out there by a long shot i consider myself average and have played most classes at least to lvl 6 except the Warden and the Samurai Hybrid class. So being of the middlen skill and my range of experiance with the different classes I hope you will take my comments into consideration.