View Full Version : Unofficially Chosen - Unofficial social thread for The Chosen!

06-18-2015, 02:01 AM
The knights of the Legion made the first move. However, where the Legion is like steel; stubborn, immobile and breakable. We are like water; shifting and changing with the world. Formless. We are The Chosen.

Ooooor something like that! Anyhow, as an aspiring samurai I thought it might be good for us to hub up as well and share many talks and good times before we take to the fields of battle! So gather around, gather around. Tell us your favourite mask designs and most favoured weapons! I'm sure that masks will play as big a part in The Chosen's customization as the Legion's visors! (or at least hoping ;>) I'm just gonna go and say it. Tengu masks are coming. Hide your weak your young and your old.

(Edit: Is what I typed before noticing that there already was a thread like this that I somehow missed when first I looked! Whoops xD)