View Full Version : Objective Based Maps

06-18-2015, 12:33 AM
So while we don't know much about the game yet apart from the capture the control point style mode, i think its safe to assume there will be a X v X number killing floor mode as well but i was hoping to talk about objective based modes, wether for multiplayer or singleplayer.

For instance it could have a assault the castle style game mode where a series of objectives apears and the defender are slightly outnumberd but better positioned, the more points the attackers take the map changes (opens main gate, breaks minion spawn). Another could be kidnap where for example the legion have to try and kill an X number of attackers and have infinate respawns while the attackers have to break through their lines and kidnap some noble. Another could be ambush, the defenders have a limited amount of respawns and have to try and escape the map while the attackers have infinate respawns and try and stop them.

Those are just some ideas and i'm sure you guys have a wide range of gamemodes in mind, thought i'd just offer my two cents and see if the community have any ideas for their own map/gamemodes that would fit.