View Full Version : Trials Fusion - Online Multiplayer Update - 17.6.2015

06-17-2015, 05:41 PM
Hello riders,

We recently began adding User Generated Content (UGC) to Trials Fusion ranked multiplayer. Highlighting your high-quality custom content is important to us, and bringing some of it to all players in Ranked MP is something we’ve been excited about for quite a while now.

However, many of you report that the downloading of UGC in Online MP is slow, reaching 5 or more minutes. This situation is not conductive of what we have in mind for Trials Fusion MP. We have been investigating this situation since the first reports came in, and we are continuing to work on it.

We currently have a few items that we want to keep you updated on, as well as share our goals and next steps.

UGC downloads are slow. UGC tracks weigh in at approximately 100kb, so this 5 minute and above reported wait time is not ideal. We are investigating this issue and will update this message when we have found the cause or a solution.

UGC downloads each time a player enters Online Multiplayer. This is not as intended. UCG for use in Online MP should only download the first time a player enters Multiplayer, and if changes have been made to what UGC tracks are currently in the MP rotation. This issue has been addressed and will be fixed in an update coming out on July 14th.

Making players deal with these issues until July 14th is not a workable solution for us, so in the meantime we will be replacing the UGC tracks from the Online MP rotation with Trials Fusion Standard Edition (non-DLC) tracks. UGC tracks will return to the Online MP track rotation on or around July 14th.

The good news is that players have been requesting higher difficulty tracks in Online MP, and some of these tracks will be put into the rotation. Be advised, your Online Rating will play a part in determining if you play these higher difficulty tracks. By switching over to tracks that are already hosted on your device we will be cutting out the long wait times for UGC downloads while we implement solutions for the previously mentioned issues.

Here is the current listing of Trials Fusion Standard Edition tracks that will be available shortly in Online Multiplayer:
All of the Single Lane tracks.

Thank you for your patience.