View Full Version : Fine Enough Hardware...but the problems....

06-17-2015, 01:56 PM
I ran a 2 Hour test no more, just in case. He froze on a roof, does heat things less than II, which is funny. But the controls are too sensitive too, Running is like the way you'd have a character walk slowly in Rogue. That's dropping axis on both to 1. Even went to middle graphics level in case before the guy froze standing on the Sky in the roof twice, just because some times it looks better, not much difference in appearance, I've liked the look of past ones better. Tedious start as it is. 1% synced, in this, I'd be further, but I go for finding things and perching everywhere first. Really that cinematic crap, I might as well watch something instead, ever stop and think it's a game and a story just ads minor justification and doesn't need endless cinematic crap to be established? :confused: