View Full Version : Just wanna say goodbye and thank you!

06-16-2015, 05:50 PM
Hello guys!

DOC is an amazing game. I had sooo much fun playing it. But mostly, thanks to DoC i met so many great people: (Cucu, Uraxor, Nillicomes, InfernalW, Jkkk, Trupi, Hectoring, Mitch, MnM_vs_Smarties, Milky, Avkall, Lurifax, Eviperf2, CookLooksClan, Allinim, Lord_simplet, Carbo20, LQDBrunt, zenithale, Mrh3(aka henip), Stormstomp , maly_drab, Ludonith, pawel999k, mazsparro, Izachiel, KillVirgins, Ipwnfour , Bazaltovy, Pepegome, Paul.Atreides., xroni, Diplomacia, IPewGemini, Dipl0mate, Pjovejas, Haczykov, XevaloO, ZergRusher, brsoulpower, GustavXIII, Enclase, Really0riginal, SpatulaOfDoom (Tyrion), VampFury , SoAmazinglyBad , Pascoalabear, SarethITA, freelhc, Thorontir, Matrix.disc, Grobyl, Kaitoshiki, TheHandOver,Malkorion, Marudnygbur, Hydramarine,Hydroopl , Kimmundi , Aza, Jason, svilleneuve , Pwnpoints, L4m4b4l0n1k, Bgata, Mykikoi, DrHee, Rancord, Oyau, kondzio.games, Sjaakira, Wikist, halospart1, piotrparler, OGRIMAR---MOI and many many moreeeee...

I dont think the game is dead, and i dont think it will die in near future. There is simply no competetive scene, where i can play vs all old and new top players. Killvirgin is trying to make some tourneys which is cool but hey! its dev job to give us reason to play. Once a player collect all cards, he face the sad reality.... not really much to do? Well unless playing swiss is enough for someone.

Spellweaver is in open beta, i am having tons of fun so far, in it. I am not saying "abandom doc and come there", that would be lame. But since there is a guild feature coming there, i really hope i will see some of you, My Friends, there. I belive we can repeat the fun we had in doc, there in spellweaver, one day :)

Anyway once again thanks all of you for all the fun and cool tourneys we had :)

I also thanks DOC teams. The old one that created the game. And the one thats in charge right now.
I wish you all the best and i hope the game will shine again :)

06-19-2015, 01:53 PM
i just want to say sth about this part:

Once a player collect all cards, he face the sad reality.... not really much to do?

imo the biggest problem is lack of hard ladder resets (similar to "diablo 2" resets) - all your cards land in open and you start over in fresh standard league.
if we have resets like this i ensure there is always much to do...

06-21-2015, 04:07 PM
Much appreciation from me, for nice tourneys and big contribution into community.

06-21-2015, 07:09 PM
good luck, durendal!

p.s. see ya in spellweaver

06-22-2015, 09:59 AM
It was a pleasure to play against you Durendal, especially during the reign of Wild Spirits Nergal :p
Shame you never got to see DoC draft mode, which you wanted so badly.

Gl, and maybe we meet in Spellweaver sometimes !

07-01-2015, 03:36 PM
Have fun!
Anyway, maybe you will come back one day (Draft, new Competitve scene etc...), who knows :).