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06-16-2015, 05:19 PM
Alright, so from the class emblems I can see that the knights will have halberds, the samurai will have naginata and the vikings will have large battle axes.

However, the spear was definitely one of the most used weapons for vikings (and for pretty much everyone else) historically - not to mention it being Odin's weapon of choice.

So, I'm hoping to see the vikings utilizing spears in the final game if at all possible.

06-17-2015, 02:15 AM
Certainly, the spear is one of the world's most ancient and often used weapons and exists in all armed warrior cultures that come to mind! It would almost seem silly to leave it out. Though in the end, I am a swordsman myself and will most likely be enjoying the recieving end of those spears for the most part ;)

06-17-2015, 04:25 AM
I definitely agree the viking faction should have the light spear shield combo in there somewhere, but not to make it overpowered it would be rad if a heavy attack could break the spear forcing the viking to unsheathe either a sword or axe. Actually now that think of it the samurai could do something similar like perhaps having to pull out a second katana because his first broke? im pretty sure thats historically correct because samurai typically carried a second shorter katana. someone correct me if Im wrong about that. I don't know how you could integrate the knight faction however, doesn't look like any of their weapons would be destructible. that great sword is HUGE

06-18-2015, 01:22 AM
I am part of medieval reenactment groups and combat teams and know spears from a first hand pointed down my throat to being the one doing the sticking. I would love to see spears since they are historically very important to how combat was fought, and also since the devs (you great people) included held blade styles you can do spears. Now I don't think spears should be the primary weapon unless it is something like a pike or long spear. The lighter spears should be able to be thrown, broken, or disarmed/dropped and you have to go pick it up to reequip it. Say your first spawn can carry it with future spawns don't as a balancing measure. I will now talk about spears in a bit of depth (not too much) and implementable ideas and with respect to the factions.

Okay well Spears were devised be every culture on the planet, Jariads in the middle least to the yari and naginata in Japan to billhooks and pikes of Europe to the Imp who used javelins and spears to fight colonization forces for many years. Spears should be one of the main weapons in this game, pike, short spears, partisians, yari, naginatas, javelins, etc. It has a high, middle, and low stance and can be used at a range of CQC to 6+ feet (more if thrown). It was also cheap and easy to replace. I know swords are hailed as the king of the battle field and this game seems to also think so, but being able to use spears would be a god send since no game does spears at all and win points with the historical buffs. (Dark Souls and Demon Souls fail because they have ridiculously long recovery times so they don't count). So how can these be used, also I will list the player technicality to use these weapons effectively.

Knights (moderately technical use, also I am most experienced with these kinds)- pikes, billhooks, long spears, short spears. Spears were often carried on foot for a formation and then dropped to draw a sword or similar weapon. Pikes are a spear axe hybrid, used primarily against cavalry but it has a wicked chopping and hacking ability with great trusting since it tends to leave two holes instead of one. This can be a slower weapon dealing massive damage that can engage the enemy before they can get within their own range an zone up close that the pike can't attack in. Billhooks are similar to pikes, but shorter and have a hook on the facing opposite the blade that was used to pull cavalry riders off or to hook limbs and pull people around. This can be used as a staff, axe, spear, or crowd control (I think its best mix will be something like a guard breaker by pulling arms out of the way or hooking a leg followed by quick thrusts or if really exposed a hacking attack that deals above average damage. Long Spears can be used like a pike without the restriction zone since it has a lighter head it can be whipped around to strike with the butt or haft, used to stab or slash since most spear heads are longer than 4 inches (especially a glaive or partisian). Short spears would be faster and used in combination with a shield for a more defensive style that can launch thrusts from behind the shield with its high stance being a longer range (greater than the range of a sword) less protective style, mid stance combines moderate shield defense with thrusts and stances , with low stance being very defensive using only quick slashes (marginal damage) with barely any range past the shield. Also a knight using a sword had the very major possibility of getting caught into shields and then broken from a hit against the blade having them be able to use a spear would also be practical.

Samurai (heavily technical, least familiar to me)- Part of samurai training involved learning to wield the yari and the naginata as well as bow, unarmed, and kisho training (ninja); with specialized schools of practice forming for specific weapons. Since samurai faught on horse back and foot they needed to know the weapons that they needed for both. Yari are a type of long spear with a cross guard made of two perpendicular blades designed to stop a horse from sliding down the spear onto you (i.e. dead) or to deflect blades and other spears. Used on foot or mounted it was a common weapon in Japan and was given to samurai as well as regular foot troops. It is has long reach and can be very defensive. I would say this spear could be used to extraordinarily well defensively with good slashes and thrusts. The Naginata well many people know what it looks like, sometimes called a whirlwind of death it would be a very offensive type of spear that focuses on overwhelming your opponent with a wide multitude of blunt and balded attacks.

Vikings (least technical)- Cheap, easily replaceable, versatile. Vikings did not actually carry light spears they used very heavy spears that doubled as javelins. Many people think that Vikings used swords and axes, only half right; the main arsenal was an axe and spear. Spears were used through out viking culture to fish, hunt, and fight their King God Odin the All-father used a spear as his main weapon named Gungnir. This was their main weapon it was a heavy spear used with a shield or alone and could be thrown with its weight giving it great punching power. Just ask the time a heavy spear broke my rib. It was not used like most Asian spears were, instead the vikings relied almost exclusively on the pointy end to stab with. It could be used to block any weapon due to its think haft or to check people like in hocky. In the game this weapon should be somewhat like a pike in its speed, but focus mainly on heavy thrusts that knock back and puncture armor. These heavy spears were backed up by people that genetically tend to be very large and strong and were consequently used in similar manners to bully, beat, and crush anything in front of the nice, tall, strong, handsome, berserk Dane standing in front of you.

My two cents.