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06-16-2015, 04:49 PM
Do u think that Berg was right when he said if Almualim wasn't killed there would have been no war between templars and assassins. Does the same apply if also De La Serre in Unity was not killed. And does this not make Altair the Same as Germain (Bellec too as he would have killed Mirabeau earlier to prevent the truce if De La Serre was not killed)

06-16-2015, 07:30 PM
It's possible. The Assassin's Creed was peace through following the three tenants of the Creed. But Al Mualim got crazy with the 'Nothing is permitted' at the end of AC 1 and Altair possibly mis interpret it to "Freedom is the goal of Assassins" instead of "Peace in the goal of Assassins"
For this reason, Assassins fight for freedom even if there's peace. For example, a bird is locked in a cage. But it loves living there and chose it to be it's home. The master (owner) loves the bird and cares a great deal of it. Now if I'm an assassin, I'll:
= Kill the owner. Kick the bird out of it's cage and send it stranded into wild life and go on bragging,"FREEDOM!!!! Peace will come one day due to this freedom. Don't know when. But it IT WILL come."

But if I was a Templar, I'll :
- Lock the bird and force it to have rice instead of it's favourite worms. If it refuses I'll break it's wings and keep poking it. If it sings I'll staple it's mouth permanently. Once it's finalyy a badly bruised dying bird who's obedient I'll brag,"The bird has earned peace brother!"