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06-16-2015, 10:48 AM
Well, here my impresions.

Good Things

Minimap: Although it is not something so important, the truth is that we can set up what we want to see in the minimap; and the choices are not few. Besides, we can make that each control area is marked with a color to distinguished each one. Due to that (this, for me, is something more neutral), we can see the control area of our enemy easily.

More interesting war machines: They are not so weak as they were in previous games but it continues being a non interesting skill.

Many playing options. You can adjust them as you like. For example, you can remove the animations of battles, which pleased me greatly.

Music. Perhaps in some cases they are reused but the ones not reused are really fine.

Multiple battlefields.

Bad Things

Colors. Seriously, it needs more diversity; and not only for objects; the terrain too. In many times, the colors are so similar or they are so dark that you can't see very well what there are in the map. In many times, the colors make a blur of the image, the object, the dwelling... And a bit less shiny would be appreciated.

There is a "metre" between the edge of the screen and the battlefield (on four sides). What we have at the end? a small map with tiny creatures. Make zoom is not the solution because you can't see so many things as before (and that are not so much) and because you can't see all you need to see: the enemy and your army. Of course, we must recognize that the background is very nice and is animated; but it also has the disadvantage of consuming more resources, unnecessary resources for a battle. What's more, the zoom you do, you need to re-do it for each battle; including for the adventure map which returns to normal zoom after a combat. The same happens with the adventure map. A change of the angle of the camera would be useful too. In short, ALL NEED BE BIGGER. If you don't change it, it will be so annoying that I won't feel like to play many more times...

Awful building interface and little clear. Apart from that, there are some "useless" or unnecessary buildings. For example, when you choose between two buildings and it is clear what option it is better. There is no reason to choose the other beacuse it is worse. And the resources doesn't matter, you don't requiere so much to build the best building (between both).

Continue with the interfaces, in general, all are bland (there are some exceptions such as when you are going to save you game, the magic guilds...). One thing responsible of this problem, is that everything is tiny (again). The text is so small that, sincerely, it is difficult for me to read it; and the same happens with the images. For example the interface of the hero with the tiny artifacts. Why not make the interfaces BIGGER? You can put "big" text and an appropiate image, not something small and undefinied. The different interfaces take up a part of the screen. Why not make it such as H1-H5? All the screen or almost.

Specializations of the heroes. Boring and, in many cases (if not all) for nothing related to the level of the hero. We need specialiations like H5 had (and I don't say the sames; but interesting, differents, related with the level of the hero...).

Boring types of heroes. Almost all start with the same skills and there are skills wich no one starts...

Abuse of power in some specializations. I am saying the specialiations of those heroes who have +6 magic for x school. A level 1 hero with a single firebolt can cause 150 of damage what it is pretty high overall because it is a hero of level 1 with its inicial stats. It would be better +y magic for x school; being +y related to the hero level.

Optimization? What is that? In Addition, the AI turn is so fast as a tortoise

Important data that I can't see. Where can I see the specialization of the hero? Why the information of the hero is in different interfaces and not only in one? And this is only one example, there are other cases...

Heroes should have more movement. In small maps, this doesn't seem to be a problem; but in the medium-large map, you give two steps and that's all. Your progress in this sense is very poor.

High quality of the background image. This should be good, until you lower the graphic quality of the game in all its senses.What we have at the end? The background image desn't lose quality (or, at least, not much); but the most important things: heroes, creatures, artifacts, chests... lose quality. What's more, I can the the pixels of the different objects, creatures, dwelling, heroes...

Repeated heroes. You can have several times the same hero. The enemy may also have it.

Seven magic schools. This would be rather neutral; but as they seem pretty similar to each other (except in some cases like the primordial magic), then not very well. The overall feeling is that it doesn't matter which one you have, you will have almost the same effects... In 1 word: HORRIBLE.

I don't see the importance of the control areas. If you have a secondary hero with x area skill could be the only thing "important"; but that hero will have a low level=less area skills. Mentory is not a solution because not all can learn it.

Random skill system. There is no motivation to use it. On the contrary, it is MUCH better to use the no random one because the different types of skills: for control area, for governor, and normal skills. It is clear you have developed the system thinking about a non random system and that random system is an added. For governor, for exmple, the abilities are in differents "paths" of the system, so It will be impossible to get it. Random system is a failure right now. If there were less control areas or governor skills, or if all skills of the same type would be together, it would improve the system.

Limited skills for the heroes, I mean, no hero have all the skills available for him. Sincerely, I HATE it. I loved how H1.H5 allowed it.

Neutral Things

Luck when casting spells without any ability to do it.

Pretty seedy the city in the adventure map; but that's something not so important as other things.

H6 graphics repetition. If it is necessary to improve other aspects of the game, then ok.

Remarkable bugs?

I can not learn almost any skill of novice range; that's mean, of all novice skills that I can learn, I only can learn 2 or less. Same for the sub-skills

Chat box (I don't now if this is the name it has; but I want to say te box at the top of the screen) with information about what the enemy do (for example, to visist a stables). A good way for spying.

Things that I haven't be able to check (because my computer can't run the game well):
Elite and Champion units (futher)
Creatures skills

In general, I think the game has potential; but it needs a loooooot of work to be done.

Finally, sorry for my bad english.