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06-16-2015, 09:37 AM
Love what I have seen. So elegant, so beautiful the art of sword battles presented here.

My background: I have played and still play Soul Calibur 2 (competitively) one of the best 3D sword fighting games in existence.

I understand, For Honor is not a competitive 1v1 3D fighting game - still. I am curious will there be 2 hit kill combos or some semblance of a combo (I say two hit combo) because just like in realism you die fast here. Don't see it going past two.

How about cancels? For those that don't know: Canceling is when your attack animation is already in motion, and you input commands on your buttons, which immediately, cancel out your current attack, and proceed into another attack animation. Hence the word canceling/cancels. Cancels/Canelling are usually what start up combo strings.

Frame traps? with + on block. For those that don't know: + on block, meaning your recovery frames, after your attack is blocked, recover before the enemy gets out of his block stun state. And so you can attack again before he can attack you. Of course you can't spam it, after doing it twice or so there would be a cool down where you can't just keep spamming it. Also, the opponent if knowledgeable or has been in practice mode will know which of your attacks will be + on block and will know how to counter such things.

I'm interested to know if any of these things, that are in fighting 2D/3D fighting games will exist here.

From what I have seen and read over at IGN. The ability to battle two opponents, and with the existence of friendly fire, decreases spammy hack slashing and gets us into, stable, realistic attacking cadaences. I wonder, if you are skilled enough, will we be rewarded by our skills meticulously weaving against two opponents attacks and having their weaponry slam into each other? That would be just epically satisfying.

All I ask, as a competitive FGC (Fighting Game Community) player. Please make the sword play battles competitve, skill based, balanced on both ends {Offense & Defense} I am not speaking about the other abilities when powering up. I am just speaking about the swordplay. Please make it deep.

I am aware there will be a single player campaign (split screen local coop?)

But aside from Campaign, it would be nice to add a genuine practice mode. With this practice mode, give us the options to choose which attacks/defenses our sparring AI will commit to, so that we may learn how to parry/block (and or) better overcome such defenses, when faced against them online vs human players that would spam abuse such patterns.

Practice mode will benefit all, for as the game progresses and everyone learns combat basics 101 and intermediate. Less hack and slash spamming occurrences will run around, instead, replaced by more knowledgeable, entrenched players running around constantly elevating the online meta. Give us the tools by giving us an authentic practice mode and watch the online blossom with skilled talent.

Love what I have seen. You have my attention. Keep up the good work.

06-17-2017, 04:30 AM
that would be great. more realisim is needed to this game