View Full Version : Some speculation as to how the game plays. [Tug of War]

06-16-2015, 07:52 AM
At the end of the game play footage I spotted 2 white lines.

[Screen shot of the lines mentioned]

I'm thinking the creeps endlessly spawn in waves until one side pushes their creeps over the boundary. Once over the boundary, another part of the map will be unlocked maybe containing another type of creep, say archers, like in the trailer. This will cause the wave to eventually even back out, so the harder you push the more resistance is being applied.

So the entire point of the game will be to fight and kill other players for an opportunity to push the wave. The side that has been pushed in, now has the task to defend the new ranged creeps from the enemy and push back.

Seems to be a Tug of war style of moba, with each side pushing and pulling back.

This was the first thought that came into my head when I saw those lines, but it's nothing but pure speculation.

06-16-2015, 08:12 AM
For me to win the WAR! Is to defects many enemy Captains as much possible. Easier said than done. You don't want to rush in full of enemies in HARD MODE LOL Having the UPPER key-position like in the movie "300" where 300 Spartans pushed over 1,000,000 enemies LOL But, that's another story. Winning key-towers & castles help, too. I'd thought of tug-of-war similar too. Too early to tell. We will get more info later. But, for now enjoy "FOR HONOR" is coming out in near Future!