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06-15-2015, 06:39 PM
I'm from an arab back ground. I know the real story of how the assassins started. Heaven in Islam consists of rivers and gardens and beautiful women. The founder Hassan ElSabah took Alamut castle in nowday Iran which consisted of lakes and gardens and bought prostitutes to the castle. He then recruited his men by giving them Hashish 'weed' without them knowing and then taking them to the gardens and lakes in the castle and allow them to sleep with the beautiful prostitutes, as they are under the control of weed they did think Hassan ElSabah really is able to send them to Heaven and back so they though he was the word of God on Earth so they were loyal to him to the end as they think they will definitely go to Heaven not Hell when they serve the "Word of God on Earth" as they though so they had no problem in assassinating Hassan ElSabah's enemies. The word Hashashin in Arabic (means people who take Hashish) was taken by English Crusaders to mean killers they had difficulties in saying Hashashins so they called it Hassassins then assassins in modern English. It even reached a point that one of Hassan ElSabah's enemies send him a messenger to tell him to surrender he said no because my men will do anything for me (he knew he brainwashed them by convincing them he is the word of God) he even told one of his men to throw himself from the high walls of Alamut castle to his death and he did (the leap of faith came from here) ie the assassins group was a cult of personality for Hassan ElSabbah. Historically Rashid ElDeen Senan (AlMualim who was a real historic figure) used similar methods to Hassan ElSabah in Masyaf's castle.

In AC1 it is shown how Altair was able to get rid of the idea of AlMualim cult of personality and even kill him after he didn't even mind dying for AlMualim.

Starting from the Italian Assassins and other later branches obviously didn't build a cult of personality on their mentors but the assassins worked for principles and ideas. Obviously there is something Altair did to change the assassins way of thinking from working for a God-like person to work for principles and ideas. How did he convert them? This is the missing link I would like to know.

06-15-2015, 07:59 PM
The assassins in the game are only barely related to the ones in real life. Yes, they're based off of them, but I don't know if the assassins in game really thought their mentor was bringing the word of God, they just fought for the creed and its ways. After Alta´r (AC1 spoiler alert) killed Al Mualim, he did reform the brotherhood, but not in that way, since they never really believed what the real life hashashins did