View Full Version : AC needs the memory corridor back!

06-15-2015, 02:05 PM
That memory corridor, that room where you pulled your assassination targets and talked to 'em while they died.
"And you're worse for it, Kenway! It were the Templars who took us in when all else went to ****! Not our king. Not our country. The Templars. " -Burgess, AC4

This little place holds so much memory of.. well, us! Ever since the first AC.
I kind of took it for granted, I admit, but that was till ACU, when you were just shown part of the assassinated's memories. It's not the same as looking into their eyes and telling 'em who's owns whom :cool: .

Here's a counter for ^this: The memory corridor was in the Animus; this is not supported by the Helix.
Well come on, Helix can support consuming memories but not a friendly chat in that purgatory? :|

The trailer of AC:S showed we'll be playing using Helix 4.0
Fingers crossed we get those confessions(and mockery! :v) back!