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06-15-2015, 07:19 AM
Hi to all forum goers,

Well i hope we could discuss a bit about future proofing mmh 7. Now what exactly do i mean? Well, i recently played mmh 6, and what i found out quickly is that it is still quite riddled with bugs. Game crashing ones not just the silly ones where 90% of the models take a loooong time to appear after loading, or miss placed models after loading. Those resolve themselves after a while, but i did encounter a few bugs where certain items just did not work, or even locked and crashed my game.

And now the really sad part? It seems the last the forums heard from developers was 2 years ago, so i doubt these things will ever get fixed.

Now here is the solution, and guess what a game released in 1999 did it right. What the developers did not fix, the community did. And now you probably already know where im going with this. The conflux thing? Yea it might be a cute idea, but its pretty darn awful. Locking trivial content in an attempt to keep the reward flow for the one playing the game makes it a facebook like game, and not a AA game. That with online only wich caused me to crash numerous times thanks to my modem dropping the connection for a second. It was not a good experience. But what i noticed mostly, is the lack of content.

The campaign was nice, the scenarios okish. But there were no mods, no big community projects, and no patches that fix things from the community. One of the reasons Homm 3 is so big, even nowdays, is all the community work put into it. The russians especially, damn they are crazy(in a good way). They pretty much released whole expansions for homm 3 after the development on it stopped for a long time. Giving it another energizing kick.

So what do you guys think about mmh7? Does it have any options to get expanded upon and developed further by the community? I know people think that companies dont perish that fast, and some even gladly use stuff like uplay. But support for mmh6 apparently was dropped after 2 years. And since then not much can be done to make the game better. So will mmh7 support mods, or will it be open enough to allow for community patches beeing made without locking you out of content?

06-15-2015, 11:02 AM
Hi PewSquare, thank you for your feedback.

Heroes VII will integrate a map editor, offering various customisation features.

Please stay tuned for information about this.

06-15-2015, 01:51 PM
We can't really know if the game will get patched enough after the release date or if support will suddenly be discontinued like with H6. We can only guess. Right now, I'd say it doesn't look good. The beta release was rushed to the point where the game was completely unplayable and even after the playable beta was released half a week later, it still feels a lot more like an alpha to most people. The release date is already set in stone for September, even though it's ridiculous to fix such an early date at this point. Ask yourself how likely it is that there will be continued support.

H7 does have a map editor, which is more than H6 ever had, so that's one point in favor. It wouldn't have saved H6, but it's something. As for mods, there's been a Q&A question on that subject where they say it's hard to tell.

06-17-2015, 08:43 AM
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