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06-13-2015, 03:16 PM
Before you start to read, know that this thread isn’t facts or speculations, just my ideas in professional looking writing way. The series will keep use the name victory and Samuel becuase this isn't syndicate. it's my vision for the best AC game that could be.

Enjoy reading!

In ACV we pushed the game's world to the boundaries, creating the best and unique world in the AC series so far. From the world itself to the side missions and more, so dive now into the world of ACV…

1.Bigger city, more cities
As Samuel you will get the chance to explore 3 main cities, each of them 30% bigger than Paris. Explore more than 10 locations spread around the British empire, as well as other locations in the Assassin's Tombs missions (China, homestead, Paris and more).

Map of London

2.Open house
In ACU 1 of 4 buildings were open to you to explore, but In ACV not only that 1 of 3 building is open also the rest of them is open as quick time events( like in AC3 AND ACBF). Smother parkour and combat than ever before, Samuel will be able to break through doors and windows and the game will fix them in time.

Dynamic snow with the new seasons system

3.Dynamic wheatear and environment
For the first time in the series a truly 4 seasons system, from finding shelter from the snow storms to hide under dry leaves in autumn and slipping from wet rooftops in winter and more.
As for the dynamic environment, Samuel can break through fences, explode buildings, and break roofs and Chimneys. Jumping on weak roof will break it and Samuel will deal some damage.

Broken rooftops

4.Side quests and activities
No more boring and repeated missions, now every side mission is unique and different with cutsencses, interesting characters and objectives. In addition, after the storyline if the mission is over the game will generate random mission type with random objective.

In ACV there is new and old missions like:
-Assassin's Tombs: discover the secrets of many assassins before you like Connor Kenway, Arno Dorian, William of Cassingham, Shao Jun and more. Be reward with new weapons and gadgets like the phantom blade, the spin blade, armors and outfits.
- Inventions missions: learn about and use the Inventions of the modern era. From bicycles to cars and other gadgets used by the assassins.
-POE Hunt: help the order and find POE around the British Empire, use them and bring them to safely, like the sword of Eden, the shard of Eden the apple and more.
-Assassin contracts
-Assassin interception
-X's stories: like Paris's stories but with cutsenses.
-Detective missions: investigate crimes like in murder mysteries, but with more types of crimes.
-Takeover Gang's outposts
-Animus mission: missions that created with the animus mission maker by players around the world.
-Naval missions.
And more

New side activities like:
-Racing: parkour, carriages and triathlons.
-Gambling Games
-Fight Clubs
-Random events
-Jobs like bodyguard, personal driver and more.


Samuel breaking Chimney

5.Learning the world
Unlike previous games, in ACV synchronization isn't enough to reveal the map. Samuel will have to explore every inch of the map to truly learn everything about the location and unlocking the side missions.
Also new feature is the eagle viewpoints(skill required) while on top of a building, an eagle will land on Samuel's arm and then you will control the eagle for faster exploration.

The new eagle synchronization points

Hope you enjoyed reading!
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No reply?

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Is this just stuff you want to happen?

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Is this just stuff you want to happen?

What is your opinion about the ideas?

06-15-2015, 01:00 AM
They're good ideas, but not stuff I would ever expect unless Ubisoft started to try to repair the brand name

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They're good ideas, but not stuff I would ever expect unless Ubisoft started to try to repair the brand name

Ac need to be a game of 10/10, not 7/10.
Game that don't afraid to take big risks to improve itself.