View Full Version : The Biggest Question for the AC Franchise ahead

06-12-2015, 07:57 PM
Over the years.. AC has been a popular for various reasons including, stealth, historical tourism, graphics , game play ...

Most important has been the modern day lore, seamlessly intervening with the historical setting

To me personally the biggest drawback of AC Unity was a good modern day...

For that matter Assassins Creed Modern plot did not make too sense since the end of Desmond Saga... Yes AC BF and AC Rogue had us peeping into the internals of Abstergo... But that is far from enough.. And fails to connect the important dots

So where is the disconnect?

Juno.... AC III made her the ultimate baddy.. She tricks the mentors son to death and the Assassins still are not shown to be hunting/fighting her
Since the shutdown of the older version of initiates.. Assasssin modern day lore is as good as dead
Templars know about desmond's sacrifice and looming threat of Juno...(As hinted in Rogue).. But we are in the dark on Juno and her followers
Unity felt like it was a random hsitorical animus session... With no purpose...
The lack of connect in the story line eventually gives me a feeling of the franchise being milked

So the biggest question

Are we going to get a modern day in coming AC games.. gives us more insights into the lore...offering us connects and a better picture of the AC Universe???

We will have to wait and see

06-12-2015, 09:20 PM
The awnser is that everything is pointless until they get the story back on track, because currently their trying to run a train without tracks and it isn't moving anywhere.