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06-12-2015, 11:44 AM
So first and foremost, this game, as it is right now is not fun. I started recording the bugs I encountered and I can honestly say that it would be a shorter list to tell you what actually works. Since the 12 Jun hotfix it's now unplayable due to being unable to level a hero without the game freezing.

What I'm more concerned about for right now is the gameplay and I have plenty to say on that. To sum it up succinctly, it's not fun right now. It is tedious and boring and it takes forever to achieve anything. The good news is that I think it can be fun, and to get there I'll list my points below.

- When placing troops, don't have a great big dirty banner directly over where the enemy troops are! Either hide the troops, or the banner.
- No current option to have health bars displayed on the battle map. I'd like that as a quick reference tool.
- When hovering over resources on top of the screen, it would be nice to get an indication of the daily empire income of that resource.
- Increased movement points per hero. It takes FOREVER to do, collect or clear away anything. OR.... the maps need to be condensed. As long as more can be done per turn, think H3/H5.
- You can turn on/off the town building map. Why not do the same for the skill wheel?

- The games "look" is really nice, and whilst the graphics aren't the best the world still has a really nice realistic feel to it.
- The user interface looks good.
- The skill wheel is user friendly.
- Cabirs
- Most creature animation and design looks fantastic
- Random skills. Thankyou.

- It takes too long to accomplish anything. There needs to be some serious rebalancing with hero movement/interaction points.
- The AI takes a really long time to process each turn. Playing with 3 AI was extremely tedious, and I'm someone who likes to go up against 7 AI. Right now I cannot imagine doing that, it would be a nightmare and....
- The AI is terrible. I had a fort attacked by an enemy hero with 7 cabir, who then immediately retreated. I attacked an enemy main hero with champion creatures in my party while they barely had any army at all.
- Neutral creature growth on average was faster than I could keep up with, with the option to buy all 7 creatures. I had several neutral stacks go from being average to deadly in a matter of weeks while I was buying champions!!!
- Skill Wheel abilities aren't very satisfying to unlock. It takes quite a while to level and then when you do the options can be underwhelming.
- Hero's should level a little quicker, or be able to fight more battles per turn to get the required xp to level. I'd like my main to be able to get to level 12 or so pretty quickly before it slows down a great deal.
- Town mapping. I hate to say it, but there are probably too many buildings currently. Further to this the mapping can be confusing, unsure whether it's a bug or not, but some buildings that look like they're prerequisites haven't been. The problem is that certain buildings prerequisites can add to the current game's feeling of it takes forever to accomplish anything.
- Recycled repetitive music. My god some of those songs are already burnt into my soul from H6. Please change them up.
- Flanking. Didn't get it, still don't. Age of Wonders III it makes sense, there are other components that make it work. You aren't able to just run behind someone and get flanking damage, is very poorly implemented. Look at AOW3 for a good example of how to do it.
- Dwelling flags aren't clear enough.
- I have major, major concerns about how on earth all these armies of walking units are supposed to take towns in siege battles. Not that they were able to enter the town because this game is SO BUGGED!!!!!
- Balancing is poor

I say all this to hopefully improve the game. There is much that I can't have an opinion on currently because of the bugs. Seriously, there are so many bugged parts of the game I don't know how they work yet. Once they get to a useable stage I'll add more to this.

Yes this game is turn based, but that doesn't mean I want to spend 3 hours before I leave my starting area.

I hope this helps

06-12-2015, 02:40 PM

- When you open the magic book, it would be nice to be able to see how much mana you have
- To be able to swap warfare units between heros
- You have beautiful creature models, yet in the town recruitment screen all you get is a basic 2d image. Seems like a waste. There's an opportunity there to implement a 3d model of the selected creature
- During battle, if you start with 40 creatures, and 2 die, the stack will display 38. It would be nice to see 38 of 40, or 38/40. Something along these lines to help make better decisions with resurrection type decisions.
- When entering a tax collector type building, there's no feedback that you've received the weekly income other than the total being added. A noise or vibration to indicate that something has happened would be good.
- My personal preference is that all heroes can learn up to level 2 spells, or that the amount of level 1 spells a guild holds is larger. H5 magic books were always quite satisfying to look at even for the unskilled. Options are always a good thing. You can still reward those who specialise in magic with particular rewards.
- Have new artifacts auto equip if slot available.

- Weekly Berserker hamster production increases
- Action shots during battle are great

- If I start the game with a hero who's name is let's say NACHOOOO, when I go to buy extra heroes, NACHOOOO is still available to hire as a secondary hero. There should only be one NACHOOOO in the world.
- When a hero has creature growth as it's skill. No one wants to use a hero like that as their main. Instead of this, how about making that creature type more effective. Every 2nd level that the hero levels, specific creature type gets added % bonus to health/attack/defense whatever, the point is base creature growth heroes are not heroes you want to use as anything other than backups.
- Some of the spells are quite poor. Take blizzard for example, it can't be cast until you have creature control, which means it's initiative dependent, yes you could say that about all spells however a damage doing spell will still do damage. By the time you use blizzard the creature you wanted to slow down could be half way across the battle map which is the difference maker. By that stage -2 movement points are absolutely pointless when you can use a basic damage doing spell like fire bolt. There's just not enough substance to this spell to make it very effective. If it was to affect ranged creatures damage as well, or did damage to creatures in the area, perhaps made a creature weak to another elemental attack then it could be worth using, but at the moment it's not one that I would use often.
- I miss eldritch arrow/magic fist type spells in the early going. Non elemental lower damage, still very handy.
- Apprentice shooting animation is weak

06-12-2015, 10:09 PM
I couldn't agree more!
A perfect feedback.

06-16-2015, 08:28 AM

- In the tactics phase, it would be awesome to be able to save a formation that you like to use and give it a name. If it was saved as an icon on the screen, and when you hold your cursor over it, it displays the save name that would be sweet. That way next battle you can just click your saved icon and boom you're ready to go instead of messing around with each individual stack every time.
- An option to invert your troops position could be sweet as well. E.G. A defensive stance I'll use to protect shooters during neutral battles is to stack them in the corner and surround them with melee units so they aren't attacked/stopped from using ranged attacks. However it's also beneficial to use the terrain to your advantage, so I'll use the left or right corner depending. Yes you could just save an extra formation, however when you consider rush, siege, defensive and whatever else anyone comes up with formations, an invert setting would be much better than saving a million different formations.
- It would be nice to have something on the units themselves that changed colour depending on the colour of the team they're fighting for. I think it may be too late for this though?
- When I'm in a building like a core dwelling, it would be handy to be able to have an option to go straight to my city screen and then back from the city screen to the dwelling. This is handy for trading resources to get the necessary coin to buy troops whilst not wasting movement points. Also it's just plain convenient.
- I understand that I've only seen two maps, however I think that it's a good idea for future map creation to have some maps with neutral towns instead of just player controlled ones. Variety is the spice of life though, so different maps different settings.

- I wasn't sure about the amount of troops available but as I get used to it I think I like it. Feels very H3. In H6 I couldn't handle the idea of losing a single troop, especially when took into consideration the OP heals. Yeah it all got debuffed but my point is that now I don't mind losing a few troops here and there and that's a good thing.
- Elementals are large an intimidating. I like it

06-17-2015, 09:31 AM

- Add next hero buttons on game map, and also when viewing a hero screen
- On a might hero attack, add something more satisfying sound wise
- Creature dwellings I thought we were going to be able to caravan troops to our town from ? On top of this you should be able to access the building from your town creature screen to request the troops.
- Dwelling needs an option to enter from the game map without having to send a hero there.

- Swordmaster movement speed is far too quick for a big chunky dude wearing plate armour
- Claiming a resource dwelling, the attack icon comes up. I find this odd when there are no creatures within the dwelling to defend it. In my opinion, it should be a door icon.
- Did I mention it takes forever to do anything? It's nice to have beautiful sprawling maps, but if it takes away from gameplay it's broken, and currently it does. I don't want to spend 4 hours of playing time fighting neutrals before finding an enemy anything. Please do something about this as the last game I played I invested a lot of points into movement and it still sucked getting around the map.
- When you are trying to select a township from the icon on the left of the screen, but there is a stack of something on the game map, your cursor makes the feature on the game map the priority. This shouldn't be the case. The township icon needs to be "brought to the front" for selection purposes.
- There are some great implementations defensively in the game which I talk about below, but there's also a problem with it. By implementing these things it makes the game very defensive orientated because there aren't any good offensive counters. It's going to result in very slow gameplay focusing on creating strong defensive areas of control.
- Not a fan of the "fight again" option. You stuff up you can learn the hard way
- Battle map sizes vary too much. The difference between sizes needs to be brought a little closer to the "normal" size.
- Haven's wolves die way too easy. It's the inferno pups from H6 all over again
- Academies genies fly way to slow. They're the new gargoyles from H5. In fact all creatures that have to fly up and over things like fortifications take way too long to do so.

- I really like that forts and towns have base defensive creature growth. It sucked so hard when you lost an area of control to a roaming enemy hero with zero to little army, and I never wanted to put any of my main heroes army in there for defensive purposes because the weren't going to do much defensively from a semi decent enemy hero, plus this is a game of attrition and every creature counts.
- I really dig the defensive options in the town screen and that it has it's own screen.
- I like that level shrines don't just level you up but keep some of the xp accrued from the previous level

06-17-2015, 01:01 PM

Thank you for your feedback and for participating in the beta.