View Full Version : The Next Tales MY IDEA FOR STORY Lord Christian & Lady Adelaide, Crag Hack & Pirates

06-11-2015, 09:03 PM
I personally would like that that H7 next story be about Lord Christian and Lady Adelaide, and their friend Barbarian Pirate Captain Crag Hack (from Heroes 3).

I want some mix story which include all of it, Love, Betrayer, Honor, Pirates, exploration of tropical and mystical islands of Land of Nagas in search for powerful artifact and Legendary Treasures which is connected with it.

When it lands on Naga archipelago on begin our mates think that all Nages is evil but during quest meet with beautiful Naga Princess Yume (from Heroes 6) which tell it about that Necopolis (Sandro) and Inferno control Nagas and use it in their plans of conquer World of Ashan. So Christian, Adelaide, Crag Hack decide to Help Princess Yume and save Nagas and Ashan from evil Sandro and (Inferno master).

My story will include that Crag Hack fall in love for Yume and on end he become Lord of Naga archipelago together with Princess Yume which on end lost her snake tail by magic of Lady Adelaide or Arch Celestial.