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06-11-2015, 06:46 PM
Nor a ninja.

Something change in me, with this new rank system. At first I was quit excited to prove my skills and try to be at a good rank but so quickly my excitement change into fear.
For my very fisrt play after the new rank system was "installed" I reached the top 10 with some kind of unexplain magic. Then I played several games and now I'm in a stable place around top 30.
I could not expect such a good rank as I don't feal being a very good player. I think I'm a just good but as ninjas prove to me there is a deep hole between their skills and mine.
But each time I look at the leaderboard I tell to my self how is it possible that some guys with such exceptionnal skills are in a lower rank than I ?
The answer is in fact so easy, we are not machines, we do mistakes but mistakes in the higher part of the leadboard are huge punishments. It tooks me 12 heats to reach back the rank I was before losing (sorry finishing second at) 1 heat.

I know RedLynx you are happy with this new rank system, and sure there is many other players who enjoyed it also but for me this punishment is so big that I'm just scare about playing online. So I play less and less, and I'm sure there is other player who stop playing because they are also scare to lose their rank. You should just have a look at the 1st one on ps4 same score since many days.

In fighting games I don't think people lose rank because they lose 1 round, they just check the global score : 3 round won vs 2.

06-17-2015, 11:55 AM
Since the last update it looks like now we can play on UGC maps.
I saw on this thread (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1165278-New-Update-Coming-for-Trials-Fusion-Patch-Notes) the list of all the maps available but could someone tell me how can I train on them ?
In the track central there is thousand of tracks and it is really difficult to find them.

Just to be on the same aim of this thread, I won't play MP on maps I can't train on.