View Full Version : My two cents [Feedback]

06-08-2015, 09:22 PM
So ive taken the beta for a spin and i love the skill system, the town screen, and heroes of might and magic overall =)

my biggest concern about the game is the same thing that made me stop playing HoMM5. The AI is simply to slow. my turns take far less time than the computer turns, and waiting 5 mins for a 1-2 min turn is horrible when playing alone.
the long waiting makes me alt+tab a lot and sometimes stay occupied with something else for a little while. tabbing back to the game however is not always without problems and the game crashes from time to time.

The world map looks a bit hazy and it seems hard to distinguish some obstacles from actual collectibles; atleast when you're not yet familiar with the game. infact its a bit wierd how big of a style change there is between the overview map and the town screen. they seem like two diffenrent games.

Playing on higher difficulties seem impossible as the creatures around the map inccrease so much in number each week that i you cant keep up.

Attacking with lots of units in your army sometime has some creatures in reserve by default, instead of having them on the battlefield. would be nice if the game remembered a setup so that you wouldnt have to arrange creatures at the beginning of each battle

Theres a lot of numbers wrong or missing on spells and attacks and the game always says "no retaliation" even when the target does retaliate.
The terrain texture in the battlefield map seems to be missing
the ultimate skille in the center of the skill wheel are unobtainable as they deselect as soon as you exit the skill screen.
corpses sometimes show like the live version of a creature
the AI does not stand next to ranged units even though they could eaily hit the desired target from that range aswell and thereby reduce dmg from ranged attacks
the tooltip for creature dwelling says i can recruit them at my town, however i dont think theres an interface for that?
scrolling with the mouse is incredibly fast and thereby useless

overall i like the game a lot, if it wasnt for the wait time when playing witht the computer and i look forward to playing the full game once its released