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06-07-2015, 12:37 AM
Hello guys i have some problems and need you help

Let's start at the very beginning.I bought myself some time ago Assasins creed revalations, and got the following problems:

1. I am not able to play Multiplayer or online
I'm signed in to uPlay and can see that i am online with uplay but there in Uplay there nothing to select taht i can play the game in multiplayer or online. When I start the game with uplay then I get the following message as soon as I am game:

"you are going to play in offline mode. You have no access to the multiplayer mode, extra content, uPlay. Return to the launcher and login with your Ubisoft account, to activate this option"

As a result, the bar "Multiplayer" is gray in the game menu and and marked with "offline". If i click on it anyway, then he tries to connect with the uPlay server but nothing happens.
I'm logged in to uPlay, is shows clearly "online" under the name of my character!

How do I solve the problem? I want to play online because some islands i can only travel too if i play in multiplayer.

2. I bought 3 extensions for Assasins creed revalations.

Assassin's creed revelations - the lost archives (DLC) ",
Assassin's creed revelations - Mediterranean traveler maps Pack
and Assassin's creed revelations - the character Pack - the ancestors (DLC).

So, I have the following problems with it:

a) Assassin's creed revelations - the lost archives (DLC)

-appears not in my game library, but it is enabled and I can find it at uPlay in Assassin's creed revelations in the summary that it is in my possession as a game. But I don't have it in the game library that I can click on it and play, Why? How can I play it?

Is it ever properly installed? I could not choose in which directory it should be installed. The installer has installed it and then simply by a second to another, he was finished.

(b) in the case of the two other extensions
"assassin's creed revelations - Mediterranean traveler maps Pack (DLC)
assassin's creed revelations - the character Pack - the ancestors (DLC)

as soon as I want to redeem the code with uPlay the following message comes:"this CD-key or activation code is invalid. " Try it again."

I have entered the key correctly because copy and paste and still get this message. If i do it too often then my account gets blocked for 10 minutes!

can someone help, at least to solve 1 problem?

06-07-2015, 12:43 AM

for MP issues, you need to forward ports and allow traffic through your firewall, here is FAQ article that can help you in that:


For keys and activation issues, please do contact customer support, link is in my signature, however, for reference Lost Archive DLC should appear in game main menu as separate entry.