View Full Version : My first impressions

06-05-2015, 10:41 PM
Well, I know that it's a beta and it needs more work, but I have to say what I think about the most obvious improvements I saw.
- Please I really hope that ancient assets from the previous game are placeholders and will be replaced with new ones !!! actually they're blured, that's terrible.
- same thing for ancient animations.
- UI is way too BIG ! is it already designed to be released on consoles. I really don't like it : texts, buttons, tooltips, everything is too big.
- Sounds are really bad in combat. I hope it will be done a better way.
- Animations are bulky, lack smoothness and some of them take too long to complete. It slows combats too much. I don't really know why but animations were really good in Heroes VI : smooth, beautiful but it didn't take too long to complete so it didn't slow the game.
- Certainly something you'll fix, when a unit attacks another one from behind, the attacked unit changes its direction to face the attacker without any animation. Weird.
- My point of view about the skill wheel ... well I don't like it since whereas your heroes will mostly focus on certain fields (diplomacy, magic, explorer, ...), all the other ones will still take a lot of space on the screen. You should take more space on the screen to show the different skills ... increase the size of the skills icons, decrease the size of the texts as I already said so ... and maybe group skills in tabs (Magic, Combat, Economy/Diplomacy). It'd be better I believe.
- Combat : please get rid of the huge glow around the active unit, that's ugly. And same thing as above, is the combat UI designed for blind people ?
- Colors are dull and lifeless in my opinion. in combat, all units look the same. At least for Haven.

That's it for now.

Thanks for making this game but pleeaaase, don't release it before it's done ! As it is know, with only 2 factions, I wonder how it is possible to release it next september. There seems to be a lot of work left. I believe we all prefer a really good game later than a hurried one in september.