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06-04-2015, 01:16 PM
Heroes 7 it is not beta it's alpha and i forbid you to release this game at September.

Is it really +1 tier 7 unit per week. When u have capitol and all buildings up there is no way to have problem with money even when you control 2x dwellings that's seems broken.

Okey let's start from the beggining bug and features need to be added list:
All flayers have ridiculus animation no matter if you have set your game speed at 400% or 100% it's always ridiculus long and buggy like hell.
Sometimes end of button dosen't work propetly so to end of turn you have to basicly press E
Picked artifacts sometimes disapear from your inventory just like that puff.
I will not talk about optimalisation becouse as you said on twitch it's the last process but atm it dosen't exist in Homm7
Description of some spells or hero abilities are showed as code value3 attribute5 etc.
Guys maybe I have problem with my eyes and i'm wearing glasses but those numbers are too smolllll smalllll smalller the smalllest is it 10-19 maybe 10-29 in this creature stack I don't know? oh well.
It happened me once but still. After winning combat my hero just stuck i couldn't move him after save and reload he just disappear i know m&m is world full of magic but that kind of magic i wasn't expect.
My hero has warfare skill with point in something which should provide him double shoot from his ballista and it's still shoots once.
Town portal spell dosen't work in map bad neighbours or i have bad luck.
When you are recruting armies in town there is no description about special abilitties of your units when you right click them and believe me it's should.
Path finding skill dosen't work at all.
In information bar i see what is computer picking even when i do not even know where he is - Sneakyyyyy
Memory leaking after spending some part of time in game
When you are trying to right click guardian on battle map the status bar dosen't appear instead of it somethin buggy happens.
White wolf shield dosn't give +4 defense in character sheet
Recycling artifacts dosen't work at all
Right click on dweeling should show you how many creature is there.
Sometimes i cannot recruit units in my town from dweeling i don't know why but seems broken
Offensive skill tree is broken there is no magic school which can compare to that and with talent which give your units same attack as enemy def your cabieres desolves enemy high tier units, need to be reworked changed.
Entering town and fort shouldn't require hero or click on bar on the left. When your mouse is over the town or fort should change icon and after clicking it should let you enter to the city or fort.
When you are right clicking unit on world map there should be information about unit name like cabri or cabri masters.
There should be information. Do you want to start battle? not all of your units are deployed
Caravan should move as fast as hero with master exploration speed plus 25%.
Heroes should have a little more movment.
Button replay fight dosen't work at all
After buying units in fort they don't want to enter it they just stand nears it.
If u try replace artifact one with another. One of them misteriously is destroyed.
When you are swaping armies bettwen heroes there should be option take all.
If u hide your hero in fort than you are screwed there is no way to take him from there.
There should be summary button which displays how much gold and resources ur produce list of ur cities with all information how many creatures do u produce there, gold and all kind stuff same as heroes 5,3,2.
Hahaha if u pick up the scroll in your inventory and put in same slot magicly you increese it's amount by 1 to max of 15 if u try exceed that amount scroll disapears ;)
Governors dosen't work at all.
In custom maps should be option to incresse expiriance rate 1,5 or 2,0 like in homm6.
Game do not remember your troop position that means in every combat u have to deploy your troops again.
If u have more than one scroll in spell book it's high likely you will not be able to use one of them why becouse f u.
If you lvled up perfect strike then after leaving the skill tree it will unlvl up so you will still have 1 point available
Sometimes games allows you to control caravan as it was a hero :)
I didn't tested diplomacy atm but i will someday but not today anyway enemies never runs away from you and only at the beggining of the map there is one stack which will always join you no matter what so let him grow first and after 3-4weeks take them to your army becouse you can
Ai never recruit monsters from dwelling you can visit their dweeling and recruit houndreds of troops.
Ai rush towards you suiciding his heroes even if his hero has no army
Ai do not cast spells in combat becouse why.
Ai sometimes do not pick up resources why be reach if you can be poor.
Ai sometimes dies from neutrals just for fun
Ai is basicly ******ed :)
diplomacy dosen't work at all plus how it change - Army tier one 1 points tier2 2points etc so all ur army points-enemy points= how much procentage it will incresse and decresse cost of hiring units where base is recruting cost*diplomacy skill lvl 1 cost x2 lvl2 cost x1,5 lvl3 cost x1. I have even bigger idea but who cares about it.
All buildings across the map should be able to destroy and being able to rebuilt them with using funds and wasting 1turn of your hero to rebuild or raze it.
Spells in mage's guild you should have option to reroll them for money and resources.
Defense and attack should give the same amount of incresse basicly 5% as it was in homm2 it will make higher tier units stronger tougher.
Offensive tree is to overpowered atm it's give your troops creazy amount of dmg and last tier skill perfect strikes is making tier 7 units weak and powerless.
There should be any kind of diplomacy in the game with AI on custom map like trading with rouserces armies controled mines and peace treaty
Units on battlefield should have graphical status for example golem on 50% stack size has broken armor or something else.
Attacks on battlefield should looks more realistic how they rip one and another apart they shouldn't swing their swords maces razors on the air but strictly into enemy flash with diffrent kind of sound (smashing, cleaving, tearing, etc)
When stack is dying or killing should be animation how it dies or being killed by another
Those things wasn't ever be in heroes and according to einstain ctrl c and ctrl v never gives you another results. So perfect what can be perfected. And make some other stuff to improve the game instead removing it from the game.
Is homm 7 has potential to be great game? Yes it has but there is ****load of work to be done here. And don't even try to release this game at september I know you know and people who played beta a little bit knows you will not be prepared (Illidan Stormrage).

Screens which present missing features in homm 6 and i do not see it in homm 7 also and it is crucial:

Ofc don't worry this topic will be eddited atm i'm working on movie showing u how heroes from 2 to 7 was changing and some of good features were removing some great was added anyway stay tuned. I hope on of dev will answer for this post becouse i'm making ****load of work for you guys for free and trust me i don't have fun to play homm 7 in the way it is right now but i will do whatever i can to improve it and the power to change it i leave in ur hands so let's back to the buisness as my grandfather used to said.

06-05-2015, 01:02 PM

super report. you are right!

06-08-2015, 12:42 AM
I have to say, all points noted above are excellent. Devs please take heed!

06-11-2015, 08:39 AM
Great post. Agree, wholeheartedly.

Heroes 7 it is not beta it's alpha and i forbid you to release this game at September.

This is a game, that should stay off the shelves, for at least another year.

Memory leaking after spending some part of time in game

Anyone, have an idea, how to fix this. Its gotten to the point, its allocated all of my 16GB of RAM and i no longer load those games. The Application just crashes. :confused:

06-11-2015, 11:17 AM
Hello Heroes,

Hieronimis, thank you for the great list and I do want to let you know that we are listening to everyone's feedback. I understand your frustration with the bugs, but we are still working on the game and progress is being made. Thank you again for your feedback and bug reports as I appreciate it.

SimplyCool, I am looking into this issue for you and I have replied here: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1165541-Monstrous-RAM-usage-eventuel-crashes-unplayable-Help!