View Full Version : [IMPORTANT] Assassin's Creed games are losing their authenticity?

06-04-2015, 09:26 AM
Well since you clicked on this, I want you to know that the new Assassins Creed games are lacking it's unique magic it delivers to the gamers. After Assassins creed 3 the new ones just felt watered down and not authentic.
Now it just feels like a 'Medieval Killing Simulator' game with no great story behind it. Don't even speak of Unity as it was a major let down. The story lacked everything from the authentic AC games, it just felt like the game was telling me to 'go kill this person' and then after 'go kill that person'. I honestly think after Ubisoft kicked Patrice Désilets out, the series just went down gradually. And now its just boring to play, the gameplay is good but I think we need a little more than that.
I honestly think Ubisoft is just releasing the games for fun, but on the other hand I think Désilets really had the passion to make the AC games. Now Ubisoft just wants the money with every watered down game (DLC) they made after AC 3.

I suggest that Ubisoft should bring Patrice back, it's the only way that the AC series will aspire again.