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06-04-2015, 06:54 AM
In the world map, when I recruit a new hero, after a few turns, I can't select my new hero and the new hero becomes a box like thing.
Enemy's hero appeared around my town suddenly, maybe I didn't notice he is a box like thing.
When I try to get to the next day, the button in the bottom right is not always working which I have to use "e".
After I got a necklace (Amulet of the Jaguar, might +4), I can't wear it at first, after trying a few times, the necklace was there (but no effect) but the shoes in my both inventory and the feet position disappeared.
The game sometimes closed automatically.
During the battles, the flying creatures always cycling in the air and they move very slow during most of the times. When a melee attack happens, the information showed on the enemy's creature says no retaliation, but the truth is they retaliated. And I found that it is always showing no retaliation.
When hero updated, in the skill wheel, the icons of all the skills are changing very fast (or flashing). The description of skills have a lot computer languages such as: ?%, %color50%, etc.