View Full Version : I was browsing Ubiworkshop and found this

05-31-2015, 01:42 PM
So got the mail about the E3 discounts, and with a birthday coming up and not really needing anything (except maybe some clothes), I decided to have a browse around. Then I came across this:


Its offcours way too expensive, but it made me think about a possible fusion of the games and that I would very much like it. Dont get me wrong, my main raison for loving AC is the history in it, but GR: FS is all in all quite a good game. And co-op wise it outshines AC Unity easily. Even when playing Solo, the AI is a lot more capable of handling itself. It could bring quite a refreshment to the series in a future setting with new mechanics, or just as a side project (think ToKW).

Its just wishfull thinking/dreaming offcours, but any thoughts?