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05-31-2015, 01:24 AM
Hi i need a help...

i really want to play AC Unity...
My current GPU is a Geforce GT 630 (2GB Asus Edition) i have a chance of buying a Geforce GTX 580 (1.5GB) for a good price...
my question is if is worth buying it for a chance to play AC Unity on the very minimums...

if anyone could help me i would be very happy

05-31-2015, 03:25 AM
the minimum recommended requirements are a 2GB gtx 680 there are some people playing with cards not as good but it may mean lowering resolution. I did co-op a lot with a guy with a 580 and he had to set a lot of settings low or off. Also you need to make sure you have enough Ram and a good CPU.

It is very probable the 580 would work... just type gtx 580 assassin's creed unity into google or youtube and you'll probably find what it can do... but the reason you are getting a good deal on the 580 is because it is old tech now... if I were you I'd look for a used gtx 670 the palit jetstream is as good as a 680 at 1080p. And it's probably around the same price as a 580.

The 670 is old tech, I gave one away last year but it is better than the 580.

05-31-2015, 03:40 AM
having checked youtube it seems to run on 720p and maybe a little higher but the game is huge and it really does need a good system to run it well at better resolution.

05-31-2015, 05:04 AM
after doing a little research, i found out that i can get a GTX 580 Gainward Phantom 3GB around the same price the guy i know wants to sell me his GTX 580...
but i do understand your point...even the Phantom is old tech... :(

tks very much strigoi1958

05-31-2015, 02:38 PM
The extra Vram going up from 1.5 to 3GB is good. The 670 that I had, would have run Unity with 2GB of Vram at 1080p. I upgraded my GPU because as more games become next gen, I think there may be a demand for more VRam. (I may be wrong but to me, games seem to be more demanding on GPUs than CPUs)

Games (at present) do not seem to be pushing CPUs or requiring multicore CPUs all at a high level so my i5 cpu is still ok and 8GB or Ram seems ok so the GPU is important.

If like me, gaming is something important to you, stretch your budget and get the best GPU you can. I'm always willing to turn settings down or off but I want to play at 1080 x 1920 resolution.

The 580 is close to the 670 but I think the 670 is definitely ahead even with only 2GB compared to the 3GB of the 580 but the guys on here who really know are Yaz and Anykeyer.

Checking ebay there are many 670's around and are selling from about 70 or 100 euros... there is a 4gb 670 for 95 / 135 euros with a few hours left. still great cards.

also the gtx 680 and 770 are all around that price.