View Full Version : IS My Unity game glitched???

05-28-2015, 11:25 AM
I'm using video walkthrough and going through all the annoying (and impossible unless you're a French historian..) Nostradamus Enigmas...... The Hotel de Ville / Ventre de Paris section (middle of the upper area) had two of them, Capricorn and Leo. Now, I didnt' notice until I was done with Capricorn and scrolled up to Leo on the map, but the pop-up legend in the bottom left while I was moving the cursor to put a marker on Leo said 0/1 Enigmas done for that area..... AFTER I finished Capricorn. 0/1..... I went back to the guy's Leo video to compare and when HE was scrolling to mark Leo, HIS legend said actually said 2/2 (can you play replay these?). POint is, his showed there were two just like there were, but mine says there's only 1 total in that area. Did it glitch and not count Capricorn? Am I screwed now? >.>

Edit: Didn't think to look b4 but I checked the progress tracker and it shows Capricorn as finished.... Still weird how my map, that section only shows 1/1 when there were two enigmas....

Edit 2: Found another screw-up.... Cancer and Sagittarius enigmas are both in the same zone, a zone that says there's only 1 enigma.... and in Sorbonne or w/e just to the right of the former, it says there's one as well, when there isnt' any.... I guess no one looked at crap like this to make sure it was correct before releasing the game...

Edit 3: And now.... I just finished the Jupiter one in Saint-Thomas-d'Aquin area, it's done, I even fast traveled to save the game, and the map legend didnt' change... it still says I've got 0/1 completed. At least the progress tracker has a gold square by it meaning it's done... .>.>

Well I got the outfit.... despite the map screw-ups..