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05-28-2015, 06:23 AM

The perk stacks in this game have become the decider of the match. I began to notice alot of fighters having high health, high attack and sometimes a high defense to accompany the others. Checking their perks at the end of the game, i noticed alot of them were carrying perks Shroud of the Fallen and Mark of Achilles. Then more often then not, they had multiple of each. This puts you against a fighter that has a high level health, backed by a "wolverine" type health regeneration. On top of that, they have enough defense to ward off most onslaughts. They then sit there and wait for an opening to throw thier quickest, cheapest attacks. Which hammer through your defense because they are swinging for over 240 damage.
I played about 100 games online, both tournament and Capua Arena. Roughly 65% of the players that I encountered, had at least four of their five perks total split between Shroud of the Fallen and Mark of Achilles perks. Then almost 80% had three of their five perks split the same way.
Ubisoft, please change the perks. Make it so you actualy have to have skill to win a match. Make the perks stack against things like dishonor. Put perks out there that give you attack power and defense if you get attacked while on the ground. Lessen the power of that (down + Y ) attack that hammer wielders murder you with the moment they knock you down. I mean, this game is made for who has the best perk stacks and uses the button mashing for quick easy successive attacks that can be thrown at anytime no matter what is happening to them.

I have posted it before, give us a tournament that is void of perks. That way the only advantage is level and equipment availability. Go one step further even and make it a white level recruit with perks negated. Then the only factor will be how well you know how to play with your charactor.

This game could be sooooo much more fun if all the cheapness could be taken out of the player vs player. Perks should not decide the match, give a slight edge maybe but that is it.

Thank you
Daemion e77

05-28-2015, 03:10 PM
You make some valid points here, but not all lanistas that stack those perks are button mashers. They are used by all the top players and you can use them too.
I may be way off base, but I imagine your frustration is born of not getting these perks or being spammed to death by people that do. It would be VERY interesting to hold a no perk tourney- but I would like to see all the lag issues cleared up for that. We all know that will never happen. Perks are here to stay- so maybe they could brew up some new ones. That would give everyone, no matter the level, something to chase after.
I have stated previously, and firmly believe, that this game is not geared to the casual gamer. The amount of time alone it takes to farm the premium perks, level up, earn gold and silver, buy the gear, fill all dailies- it can be exhausting. Oh- and learning to play the game with skill can take some time as well.
Perks do not equal skill, and everyone has the opportunity to get the same perks everyone else has(AR excluded of course) so if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!

05-30-2015, 06:04 AM
Im a hammer head with very lil spam in my ham. Have three hammers all three were bought with high ratings. 78.80.82. The 78 glad is my first and best glad with moa1,2,&3 with sof2,&3. Ill be the first to admit im not very good with over a year into the game .i love tourny play but i get frustrated so my second account was a blst no body knew who i was and this account was shared so two of the top plyrs had access. To realy mix it up nobody. Had aclue to who this lvl 30 glads was comeing from had moae sof1&2hurreid butcher and no massio. With our skill we was wup n every body we came across if we didnt win the other player had sum reality checks.so perks make about 30% of your succes 10%is given to ur lnternet con. 50% skill 20%hard work sobasicaly if ur loosing ur missng something. Plus its a game that u start at the bottum and work ur way up. To the spamn thats lack of skill top players dont need to spam and if u spam on them ull loose thats why there the top dogs. Ps brazalians cant be added the top of my list of any thing .lol iam daddycope. And sir spankm and i love the game so quit crying and fight r die.

06-11-2015, 10:51 PM
I dont think it's just the perks that make the other players "op". I mean if you are fighting a guy with agrons great sword, greaves of gannicus and helm of volcan you are kind of screwed anyway.
This being said there is a lot to being able to use a fighter. A lot of those guys with the stacked perks (especially spear and hammer guys for some reason) only use a few of the attacks available to them. If you can figure out a counter and or a rhythm to their movements then you can start getting back some of the advantage. Find an attack or exchange in which you make out better than he does and stick with it. At times people call this spamming. I'm pretty much fine with this. If you are hearing that it's usually because you just kicked someone's ***. Good for you. This game was designed so that people could do that. Let's face it. If you have gotten a win using the spear class using the double Y combo, dual swords using down Y combo, or two handed sword using forward X combo you are pretty much spamming it in. For that matter any win with the dagger class is almost always garbage.
When I play I try to find attacks that the other guy can't counter then I do variations on this to make sure I win. I'm not the best fighter in the world and I prefer sword and shield over the rest of the classes. Most people think that's dumb. I have all three MOA's unfazed and no miso. No shrouds and I just got the helm of Minerva a few days ago. Other than that I fight with all regular game gear and I chop people's heads off all the time. I finished 9th or 10th last tournament so it can be done.
There are some guys that have skills and perks tho. You're just screwed there but I consider that like a measuring stick. I don't know if you are on x box but guys like desca, bloody smashy, winter ash, Viking, gooch, and wifey are pretty much going to chop your head off at will. That's life.