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05-24-2015, 04:16 AM
For the sequel, I'd like to see... Dead Sec, wanting Aiden removed, makes Clara's sister aware of the circumstances of her sister's death. Clara's sister is now the protagonist, blames Aiden, and is seeking revenge. Dead Sec is her ally, due their mutual interest, but Dead Sec also wants a USB drive that Aiden has. Before killing Aiden, he gives her a lecture on how she has become like him, taking law into her hands, killing others to feel at peace, that killing him won't bring her dead family member back, that he knows because he's lived it, that is it's better to move on than dwell on the past, that she should focus on the real enemy... Dead Sec and that he can help her. He tells her the USB is the key to Ctos. Dead Sec wants control. She has the USB and tells Aiden she isn't dumb, she knew Dead Sec couldn't be trusted, but it's good to keep your enemies close. She doesn't plan on giving Dead Sec the USB and decides to take Aiden's advice. The game has just introduced the player to the games second playable character, Aiden Pierce! After a few missions, Aiden says he knows someone who can help, someone Clara looked up to, it's T-Bone. Now there are are 3 playable characters a la GTA V! Some missions they play together some are individual. The player can switch characters whenever they want, like in GTA V. Each have their own special ability. T-Bone has his remote control car, Aiden can focus to slow down time, and Clara's sister can hack enemy weapons temporarily jamming them. Your mission is to take out Dead Sec.

RobJigga NX
05-27-2015, 04:58 PM
Interesting but something to add.Isnt the new game taking place in new jersey? And clara didnt die,didnt she survive and end up with aiden? Not sure about that last part- thought it was a rumor from some sound clip found.And what about t-bones non beer drinking friend?

07-06-2016, 05:06 AM
i refuse to buy watch dogs 2 if aiden is abandon.