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05-23-2015, 01:51 AM
Season 1: The First Grand Capua Games
W1 Strength of the Champion I
W2 Shelter of the Champion
W3 Soul of the Champion
W4 Heart of the Champion

Season 2: The 1st Annual Games of Di Inferni
W1 Shield of the Damned
W2 BroadSword of Night III
W3 Pit Piercer III
W4 Gold Tipped Ramming Helm
(Replaced the short-lived Nightmare Helm)

Season 3: The Grand Thiasus Nam Bacchus
W1 Thyrsus of Bacchus
W2 Arm of Bacchus
W3 Wine Soaked Greaves
W4 Madness & Ecstasy

Season 4: Tournament di Vulcanalia
W1 Aegis of the Gods
W2 Spatha of Fire
W3 Helm of Vulcan
W4 Vulcanís Armor

Season 5: Tournament di Gannicus
W1 Leggings of Gannicus
W2 Gladii of Gannicus
W3 Bracers of Gannicus
W4 Rudis of Gannicus

Season 6: Tournament di Minerva
W1 Helm of Minerva
W2 Aegis of Minerva
W3 Spear of Minerva
W4 Mail of Minerva

Season 7: Tournament di Agron & NEW PERKS!
W1 Agronís Falx
W2 Greaves of Agron
W3 Sleeve of Agron
W4 Agronís Greatsword

Season 8: Tournament di Mercury
W1 Winged Sandals
W2 Luck and Grace
W3 Winged Helmet
W4 Sleep and Dream

Season 9: Tournament di Apollo
W1 Helm of Apollo
W2 Aegis of Apollo
W3 Spear of Apollo
W4 Armor of Apollo

Season 10: Tournament di Discordia!
W1 Helm of the Vulcan
W2 Shield of the Damned
W3 Argonís Greatsword
W4 Armor of Apollo*

Season 11: Tournament di Pantheon
W1 Wine Soaked Greaves
W2 Aegis of the Gods
W3 Helm of Minerva
W4 Gladii of Gannicus*

Season 12: Tournament di Vesta
W1 Winged Helmet
W2 Arm of Bacchus
W3 Spear of Minerva
W4 Leggings of Gannicus

Season 13: Tournament di Venus
W1 Greaves of Agron
W2 Vulcanís Armor
W3 Thyrsus of Bacchus
W4 Rudis of Gannicus

Season 14: Tournament di Fortuna
W1 Armor of Apollo*
W2 Pit Piercer + Spatha of Fire
W3 Bracers of Gannicus
W4 Madness & Ecstasy

Season 15: Tournament di Flora
W1 Sleep and Dream
W2 Aegis of Minerva
W3 Sleeve of Agron
W4 Gladii of Gannicus*

*Notice a few items appeared more than twice because of the recycling of past gear.

05-24-2015, 08:32 AM
VANDAMAG3, you are my man!

Thank you for the excellent work & your effort!

05-26-2015, 02:13 AM
No problem, I'll keep it updated as each tournament hits. I'm looking forward to getting Agron's Falx atm.

05-26-2015, 01:51 PM
Awesome work Damage,

Again I hope they hear our cries for a new Trident- only weapon not to be offered a superior/enhanced version. I would very much like to see Luck and Grace come back, selfishly. It would be very cool to see the gold versions of the Champions gear as well.
I'm beginning to question the methods or thought processes on how tourney items are doled out now. Gladii of Gannicus appears 3 times, Luck and Grace once, as an example.
I would abandon all wishes if the game could run smoothly and fairly- quitters punished appropriately, and server issues most are pressing with bad connections or even getting bumped offline mid-swing in a match. Disc format? Yes please!!!
Can anyone at Spartacus Legends get a marketing guy on this for god's sake? Crunch some damn numbers and look at the following of this game. Sony likes money, I've heard. Maybe they would see the value of 2 consoles selling thousands of copies and offering service for such on their own servers. Offered as Version 2.0 even to next gen consoles, as more and more are upgrading to them do you not see the requests EVERYDAY on FB or the website?
What say you community/SL team?

05-26-2015, 10:44 PM
This is a fantastic list. Thank you for putting this together for everyone. ;)

Oh I see the requests but I don't have news at this time.

07-04-2015, 06:49 PM
My gammer tag is mrbreeze4420. I have played for two years. I love and hate the game. Everybody who complains seems to forget, this game was only developed as a promotional tool for the series. I highly doubt they had any clue it would take off like it did, and big props to the real players. You all know who you are. But people loose sight of the real motivation behind the creation of this game. So just be happy we are fortunate to have a game like this offered to us free of charge. Thank you Stars, Ubisoft, and kung fu factory, giving us one of the most epic free games of all time.

07-07-2015, 10:48 AM
hear hear