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05-20-2015, 08:53 PM
First of all, I think Unity is amazing. I've played through the campaign twice already and will probably play it again. Find an open window, scale the wall, do a ledge assassination, sneak into the window, pick the lock, two headshots, quick fencing, smoke bomb...when it works, it works. It's quite interesting to experiment with various tactics as well. For example, I found it often more efficient to just run up to a guard and perform an assassination before he goes from suspicious to aggressive. Doing a high-profile double assassination that way before the guards can attack is quite enjoyable. Also, Unity and Far Cry 4 are probably the only two games where it's a lot of fun to just walk around and observe the things happening around you. Good mission design, in my opinion. I would say that Far Cry 4 managed to create an amazing open world, but the mission design was mostly very bland. Unity manages to have both an amazing open world and creative and entertaining missions.

Dozens of small but wonderful things. The way the chandeliers sparkle when you move and change the angle at which you look at them. It does give the impression of crystal drops. Cloth simulation, of course -- cloaks, curtains, flags. Navigating around by real-world landmarks. +10 for making me do a Google search for the explanation of the white V letter on the E***** tower. Toying with historical references was bound to cause some divided opinions, of course, but I think the mix of fact and fiction regarding the Robespierre's jaw wound or Napoleon's career was well done. I could go on and on.

Granted, I started playing the game with the 1.5 patch. So I didn't experience any bug horror stories, and the game hasn't crashed once. There were some glitches like Elise getting stuck between a corner of a building and a lamppost, just when Arno was supposed to follow her, so I had to restart from a checkpoint. Similarly, Arno got stuck once standing on the corner of a roof. Another glitch was during the mission inside Bourse de commerce, I suddenly saw a lady going through the restricted zone and walking through walls on her way. A Parisian ghost, no doubt. But I want to talk about some of the gameplay issues, not plain obvious bugs:

- disappointing AI behavior. First and foremost, sometimes guards don't react to gunshots. I know people were complaining about the exactly opposite problem of clairvoyant guards, but several times I was fighting a couple of guards in a room and firing shots and another guard on the balcony connected to this room didn't even turn his head. Same thing if I'm seeing two guards on a roof, I shoot one of the guards with the pistol and another one doesn't do anything. It seems that the only real factor is whether the guard sees me or not. That wasn't very satisfying. Neither was the guards' behavior after finding a dead body, especially when compared to Far Cry 4. Killing such dumb opponents doesn't feel rewarding

- some other silly AI things. I'm hanging from a ledge and an attacking guard is practically touching me and then he just remains completely frozen and doesn't know what to do next. Or I'm taking cover beside a doorway, a guard walks through the doorway, looks directly at me from a one-foot distance and doesn't see me

- crouching doesn't seem to have much effect except helping to hide below a low obstacle sometimes. It seems I can always walk to a guard from behind without crouching and he doesn't hear me anyway

- mounting small obstacles automatically. This one probably takes the cake. I'm running away from guards, and all of a sudden Arno hops onto the edge of a fountain basin and starts circling along the edge and doesn't come down! Same thing if I'm trying to run along a thin ledge on the roof. Arno keeps trying to hop onto every dormer and then he gets stuck there. If there is a special key combination for mounting small obstacles, why make Arno climb them automatically, leading to all this annoyance? Especially since you do have to press a key combo to make him climb down from there again

- annoying camera during controlled run-down. I'm starting a run-down, and at some point camera turns and the descent stops, because now I need to press a different direction key! Sometimes Arno even tries to climb back up instead (is it because the key combination for climbing over small obstacles and for controlled run-down is the same?). Also, with keyboard it's difficult to fluently change the climb/run-down direction, and even more difficult if you try to move diagonally

- fencing against several opponents. I was hoping to be able to do something like quick attack against one opponent, making him unable to attack me for a couple of seconds, then quick attack against another opponent, followed by parrying the attack from the third opponent. That would have been great. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to quickly highlight the opponent that you want (at least from the keyboard; and the camera sometimes is not helping either). And secondly, there is the stickiness issue again. Quite often I didn't think I was doing a strong attack or a finishing move, but still Arno decided to perform a long and fancy move when I just wanted a quick attack

- for the same reason I was using only the quick one-handed weapons; with long and with heavy weapons the stickiness was even more annoying

- sticky Cover button. I press the Cover button once. Nothing happens. I press it again, without moving, without even turning the camera. Arno goes into cover. Why didn't it work the first time? No idea

- a somewhat similar issue with the Crouch button. I press Crouch, Arno crouches and then immediately returns to the upright position again. Turns out I was holding the Crouch button a fraction of a second too long, and it has to be a very quick tap to make it work as a toggle

- checkpoints are too far apart. There is a mission with clearly defined stages: acquire an item, perform a unique kill, escape. I'm escaping, jump off the roof, miss the rope, fall down, die. The problem is that I restart at the point before acquiring the item

- uneven loss of detail with the distance. I'm looking down at a courtyard from a tower, and I see the courtyard in sufficient detail, but in the center there is a green lawn that looks like one blurry green patch with no detail at all. Other times it actually works quite well, for example I'm looking at a distance from a tower and I see a silhouette of a statue. No surface detail is visible, but the silhouette is immediately recognizable. That feels right and even looks good

- I learned about high-profile assassinations and the ability to knock out guards only halfway through the game. Maybe the in-game tutorial could have been better. But I suppose it's mostly my fault for not reading the tutorial in the Database.

But, in conclusion, I think if Syndicate is to Unity like FC4 is to FC3, it'll be a show-stopper.