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05-18-2015, 02:23 PM
Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent
The goal of the Assassins was to ensure peace in all things. The Assassins believed that political assassinations and the death of the corrupt would bring peace and a true sense of security to the common people. Slaying innocents and civilian bystanders who did not need to die could spread strife and discord, in addition to ruining the name of the Assassin Order itself.

Hide in plain sight
Be unseen. The Assassins' aim was to get close to their target stealthily, and escape just as quickly. In more ancient times, Assassins aimed to perform ostentatious, awe-inspiring assassinations, usually in public. The greatest illusion from such an assassination was that the Assassin seemingly materialized from nowhere, killed a corrupt public figure, and vanished into the depths of the crowd or environment. If an Assassin was spotted stalking their target, the supernatural effect would be diluted, and it became more difficult for the Assassin to reach his target.

Never compromise the Brotherhood
The actions of one must never bring harm to all. If an Assassin failed in his or her duty, and was captured or chased, he or she must never commit any action or say anything that could be tied back to the Brotherhood, or bring harm to any member of it.

I see the complete opposite of these rules in Syndicate.

05-18-2015, 02:26 PM
Altair happened.

05-18-2015, 02:29 PM
I don't think Altair said that it's fine to show yourself killing people that aren't your target, I also don't think he said it's okay to kill civilians.

05-18-2015, 02:46 PM
The first is inevitable; Every Assassin thus far has killed an innocent and/or innocents accidental or not.

Except maybe Arno...

The second? I thought Jacob was hiding quite well. No one knew what he was. Just another gang leader most likely.

Well, what Brotherhood? Evie? She handled herself quite well. Don't see the compromise. :confused:

05-18-2015, 02:49 PM
What I mean is that Altair reformed the Brotherhood to make it more flexible, now is up to the members of any given time and place to adapt to the situation they're facing and acting accordingly.

Associating with pirates, criminals, governments, etc..., making the order known to all if needed, public assassinations, making the order more gangish, etc..., whatever may be necessary.

05-18-2015, 02:57 PM
I don't think Altair said that it's fine to show yourself killing people that aren't your target, I also don't think he said it's okay to kill civilians.

He didn't; but did that really stop any Assassin after him?

He also said that the means of achieving a task doesn't matter, only that it is done.

05-18-2015, 04:22 PM
I see the complete opposite of these rules in Syndicate.

Except for not killing innocents and civilians (that is the iron law and all Assassins abide by it), the other parts are more guidelines than actual rules.

Altair's Codex mentions this:

It's made me realize that our tactics, too, must change. It means an end to our fortresses. To our penchant for spectacular displays of public assassinations. We must weave our webs quietly. And we must do so differently than we have in the past.
Though I ask my brothers now to abandon their rituals, I do not ask that they abandon the creed. THIS is what makes us Assassins. Not the removal of a finger. Not a false promise of paradise. Not the prohibition of poison. Our duty is to the people, not to custom. If we must sneak, we shall sneak. If we must use poison, we shall use poison. If our blades can be used without removing fingers, we shall not demand they be taken. And we shall not manipulate our initiates with lies and parlor tricks. We shall speak plainly and honestly. We shall be made anew...
Codex -6

Now as for the specific parts which Altair said to abandon:
1) End to Fortresses - Monteriggioni is one (but then Altair's Codex was found before they read the whole thing so they didn't know better). Then Galata Tower is another fortress, the Tulum Hideout is also a fortress (and Ah Tabai realizes that "you know I think Altair said we should be on street-level, or as close to street as we can get in the caribbean"), Davenport Homestead is another Fortress. UNITY gives us both an underground fortress and a mundane front (being a wishy-washy game that can't make up its mind). It's only Isola Teverina that resembles what Altair was talking about.

2) Penchant for Spectacular Displays of Public Assassination -- Old Habits die hard, Old Eagle. Sometimes you have to do it all out in the open and send a message.

3) Weave our webs quietly - The distinct "A" (regardless of the fact that cultures like China or India have different alphabet systems?) marked on flags, belts, weapons, architecture and the clothing? The fact that Assassins and Templars end up invariably being on first name basis with each other? Nope, not quiet at all.

4) We must do so differently than we have in the past - Nope, same principles hold. Mentor says Jump, Initiates ask how high? Mentors are not elected by popular vote but nominated by previous mentor by and large. Assassins still scout out territories via high-points. They still follow the same modus operandi of One Dude does all the Key missions and this dude whacks the Grand Master, rather than send multiple Assassins to do different targets at the same time.

5) To abandon their rituals - Nope, White with red (later blue reluctantly added to the palette) are Assassin colors. The hood stays. Still use birds and feathers as motifs and aesthetic, do not use code names in the field, fetishize Leap of Faith even in eras when those acrobatics attract undue attention. Of the Assassins post-Altair, the Renaissance dudes were fairly ritualistic as was Black Flag Assassins. The worst was UNITY's Assassins. Connor in AC3 was the only one who folowed Altair, he and Achilles agreed that the ceremonies were kind-of lame, Connor's approach to recruiting his Assassins was less in the way of "Liberation of Boston has begun" and more about getting to know them personally, hanging out with them, seeing through their eyes, learning how to best use their skills. More modern, also decentralized.

6) Our duty is to the people, not to custom - I.E. Assassins get involved with the people and so history. Assassins can't simply stand back and say, "i'm just here to whack Templars", so UNITY Assassins suck.

The funny thing is the fans obsessions of games not feeling Assassin-y, or not repeating the same creed has actually prevented later games from following on Altair's suggestions. Altair was all, "modify, adapt, change with the times", while fans are like "Pirates are not Assassins" or "Gangs are not Assassins", when this Codex (issued wit Patrice Desilets at the helm) is all about freedom to innovate and change the formula.

05-18-2015, 07:14 PM
I'm hoping that Jacob Frye is actually going to be a character who cares more about the working class than the Creed and is torn between being a powerful ganglord and being an Assassin.

It would be DIFFERENT to have someone with a superficial understanding of the Creed.

Well, not TOO different since we had Edward and Arno but it'd be interesting.

Evie could be the "actual" Assassin.