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05-18-2015, 12:19 AM
This will probably not be a popular thread but I feel the need to post it in my ponders.
First understand and I am no fool though sometimes doe eyed by choice. I know all things must end and AC will end someday but I don't want it to. So I plead to Ubisoft and the grand and gracious gods that first ever put the idea of an Assassin in someones mind, to please slow down and look around a bit. With Syndicate set in 1868 we have jumped 100 years from Unity give or take. We had 6 AC characters and games in the 1700's including the addon characters of Aveline and Adewale. I am worried we are moving forward to the present too quickly, into Tommy Guns and switchblades, Mob rule or even worse into sniper rifles and spy gear all bond and splinter cell like. I by no mean know what Ubisoft has planned, maybe they are trying to bring the franchise to a close,it has had a damn good run. I foresee if we get any closer to the modern age say into the 1900's we are going to start losing the soul and core game play of AC.

I ask only this look around get a focus group (waves hand enthusiastically) find other countries,time periods,personages. I know I can't be the only one that want to explore the dark continent or see what lies hidden in the outback, how about the vikings were they truly Templars attempting to achieve domination early on. What about the cold reaches of Greenland the North Pole. There were dozens of expeditions around the world, Marco Polo, Magellan, even Columbus any of these expeditions could have been cover for either side to track down Pieces of Eden. These are just a few ideas I had while writing but there is tons more in history, that is what I think helps fuel this franchise history based storytelling with and Epic hero and all powerful unstoppable villain. At the risk of embarrassing myself I will list how I think the AC timeline goes of course feel free to tell me where I am wrong and I would love to see some ideas,yes I know there are tons of threads asking for ideas, but this thread is not asking for ideas so much as saying there is no end to the ideas and we need to no hope that Ubisoft hears us.

Altair 1191-1257
Ezio 1490-1510
Edward, Ah Tabai, Adewale 1715-1752
Haytham,Shay,Conner,Aveline 1753-1783
Arno 1789-1794

Jacob 1868-???

As I said I know I am not entirely correct and this is but a rough reference but I only mean to show what can be done it that 100 years we jumped from Arno to Jacob or the 200 from Altair to Ezio

Call me wrong call me a fool my mind is clear now that I have got this off my mind.

And if Ubisoft is listening I am serious about a think tank call me ;)

05-18-2015, 12:23 AM
I don't think you've got anything to worry about. They've already announced intentions to run AC into the twenty-somethings of iterations if they can, and they have a list of places to go to do it. It won't end by an artistic decision but by a financial one. As long as it makes a ton of money, and as long as there isn't something else they can do that will make even more money, they'll keep banging them out.

05-18-2015, 12:40 AM
Next game will be set in Japan and all will be forgiven by everyone so don't worry about it... :rolleyes: