View Full Version : More ideas how to help with spammers

05-14-2015, 02:32 PM
So there's always an onslaught of these guys spamming the forums. Here are some ideas I have taken from other forums that I'm a part of that they use against spamming.

1: As I said before and revised even better by someone else, no more than creating 2 threads a day for ALL members.

2: Another is all new registered accounts need to be approved by a mod before they can post (which usually is 24-48 hrs after registration). This will help with spamming right away and probably deter these guys from waiting and coming back.
And if a mod sees a screen name newly registered needing mod approval to join the forums with a handle of random letters followed by random numbers (fhsbklgh4478), it's likely a spammer (look at all the spammers account names. Random letters followed by numbers).

3: some have said the return of captcha. But would that even work??

If anyone has any more ideas, post them here and let's all help rid of these guys.