View Full Version : Eagle Vision Upgrade

05-13-2015, 10:55 PM
Dear Ubisoft and AC fans,
I am exited for the new Assassins Creed game that is coming out and can't wait to experience the streets of Londen and the fist fighting. However, when I watched the game walk though trailer I saw the Eagle Vision was still had the same functionality manner to previous AC game. I think it's time for the vision to receive an upgrade, a battle style upgrade. Edward Kenway from AC4 Black Flag stated that the vision was like all your senses coming together at one. I been thinking if this cause brain to up its performance of observation, shouldn't it cause the body to react and improve movement and performance, almost make the player gain brief super powers? What I was thinking is that when the Assassin enters conflict and the play activates Eagle Vision, the surrounding areas moves in slow motion while you still move like normal. This brief in speed let's you take out a number of enemy's in almost and instant. Other option may include sudden burst of straight to take out enemies easily. Or if the player has a firearm equip he be able to shoot further and more persist than the weapons original statistics.

This is what I think should be added to the legendary Eagle Vision. Please leave feedback and ideas for the game franchise.