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05-13-2015, 01:43 PM
Hello Assassins,

As most of you have probably heard, this yearís Assassinís Creed, Syndicate, wonít feature multiplayer of any kind; that means there wonít be any co-op and, most importantly, the PvP multiplayer from ACB, ACR, AC3 and AC4 wonít be returning this year either.

Iíve seen many people being very upset at Ubisoft following this news, and it is understandable, as most of us have invested a lot of time and effort into these games. And while we arenít necessarily upset for not having a new multiplayer, as most of us have one favorite game anyways and wonít consider any other game equal or better, we are most of all concerned because of the lack of communication on Ubisoftís side, refusing to tell us whether they still have plans to bring back the multiplayer one day or if we are investing our time fighting for a lost cause.

However, Iíve seen a lot of aggressive posts or tweets, not only hostile towards the company, but even towards the devs or the community managers. Iím starting to feel like this is truly going too far and it is painting our community in a bad light, which is not helping in any way. Thatís why Iím creating this post to try and discuss some of the points in a civil way and hopefully help us get the answers we deserve. And to those who might argue ďIím only talking this way because Iím not a competitive playerĒ, please know that I have participated (and occasionaly won) in multiple tournaments across all the multiplayer games and that I play the ACMP since ACB.

To be completely honest with you, Iím not really surprised that the multiplayer isnít coming back either in this yearís installment.

Letís be completely honest with ourselves: the community just isnít big enough to justify the amount of work necessary in order to create a new multiplayer for AC. And YES, of course it is all about profit. When a company invests as much money in a game such as AC, they need to make sure they are making profit from it. Iím not aware of any company developing any kind of product just to make the consumer happy and without thinking about profit. Of course, making the consumer happy and listening to them can be useful as it can maximize profit, but in our case, the inclusion of multiplayer just wouldnít be profitable for Ubisoft.

And then, there are those of us who argue that Ubisoft isnít even listening to their community. That is not entirely true. Actually, we have created a community on our own, the ďMP CommunityĒ, but we neednít forget that we are not the only AC fans out there, and that those who play the games for the single player are far more common. And if you look at the comments on most of the articles you can find across the web reporting about Syndicate not having a multiplayer, you will find that the general reception is actually welcoming the decision.

Now with all that being said, itís going to seem like I think that Ubisoft has taken the right decision. I don't think so at all. I believe that the multiplayer for AC could have a bright future if it was reintroduced one day as a brand new feature, similar to how the coop was introduced last year with Unity.

But it is not that day. And until then, all we can ask from Ubisoft is to please give us answers, and not to ignore us and try to forget about the multiplayer. Is there a chance that the adversarial multiplayer will ever come back?

In hope that someone who might give us answers sees this post, for now, as our beloved hero Ezio used to say,

Requiescat in pace, ACMP

05-13-2015, 03:25 PM
Ubisoft has NEVER been forthcoming with information and I doubt they're going to change that anytime soon. AC MP is dead because Ubisoft spent their resources trying to monetize it and sell more content than investing in growing and nurturing a strong online community, which other competing publishers have mastered. My favorite example of this is the clunky abtergo credit microstransaction system that's layered on top of AC4 MP. That hackneyed garbage is an obvious last ditch effort to experiment with how they can better monetize MP. Instead, it just made the progression system confusing and the menus cumbersome.

Ubisoft doesn't understand how to grow and nurture a good online game community. Since ACB, Ubisoft has been atrocious at supporting the online MP community in any form. They have rarely put out updates or patches for any AC MP game, and issues have lingered with every game until the next one releases (as if the team moves on to the next game as soon as the previous one ships). Additionally, they've spent much more resources trying to sell us content like maps and characters than either supporting their games or growing community. This forum is not a community. It's equivalent to a sparse bulletin board with people looking for PUGs. The community managers here in this forum are always in the dark and don't have any apparent real insight with development teams. The tech help forum is a wasteland of unresolved issues. Their Twitter account is completely tone deaf to any AC game prior to the newest one out.

The best hope we have for the future is for an indie developer to make a great $15 MP only clone and treat it as a growing content platform, similar to how Valve supports Counterstrike. Otherwise, AC4 will have to live on through sales and free "gold" version copies making their way to new players for the foreseeable future.

05-15-2015, 01:43 PM
I promised myself not to waste a min anymore on this franchise or Ubisoft itself but saw your post through twitter and
let me add something you completely forgot, you justify ubisoft decision over popularity and profit which you are completely
right but you are completely wrong by not mentioning why we don't have a bigger community ? Cuz we lost them,
each one of us know at least 5 players who did quit ac throughout ACB/ACR/AC3/AC4 so that is AC mp community / 5 .


05-17-2015, 08:42 AM
I totally agree with you MrCompletely, I think that ubisoft washed their hands from the multiplayer so I really encourage other developers to purchase the rights to the MP and fix its problems or they can make an new MP inspired from the AC multiplayer experience and be more passionate about it in updating and patching it.
Also, this must be the most dead forum ever and it is a triple A game (at least the MP part of the forum)

05-20-2015, 10:57 PM
I hope another company can take this multiplayer concept and bring it to a new level.

So unique and shows so much potential, would be such a shame to see it waste away.

05-30-2015, 05:14 AM
I really don't care if AC MP has the worst servers, very laggy or glitchy. I still enjoy playing it, and it only. No other game can ever take it's place, NEVER!

**** UBISOFT, just **** **** ****...bring back the multiplayer.................................!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

07-10-2015, 02:09 AM

To me the real shame of AC not having multiplayer anymore is how great it really could have been. AC MP rarely gets stale for me because there isn't really anything that compares to it. I think Ubi got caught listening to too many of the wrong people and the product suffered as a result. What I mean by that is...the vision for AC MP was for players to stealthily track each other across the map and go for high value kills. At its heart, that's a great foundational idea. But what ultimately happened was, and obviously I'm speculating here, Ubi saw people playing the game more aggressively than they thought would and instead of saying "well that's really not how we want people to play this game" and making changes in ACR to prevent those people from sucking the joy out of the game for stealthy players, they said "oh well that seems to be what the community wants." Again, at it's heart, you can't reallllly criticize the mindset there. But eventually the complete inability on Ubi's part to shut down sprinters/roofers/non-stealthy-whatevers caught up to them and AC4 was kind of a hot mess. I mean...the game itself was great and I'm loving that I was able to download it for free through Games with Gold on XBox Live because it's brought me right back to my love of the series, but the players are just soooo awful. It's just sprint sprint X, sprint sprint X all over the place and get kill after kill.

And THAT is where Ubi went wrong...they just let people run like maniacs through their beautifully crafted multiplayer experience. I have been saying on these forums since ACR, if not even before that in ACB, that there should be a meter that prevent players who are TOO high profile from getting kills...like, if you sprint at me like a maniac, kill should no longer take priority over stun. The only way to prevent runners from ruining the game was to make it so they couldn't get the kills that satisfied them so much, but nothing was ever done and the MP is now dead as a result.

I hope that Ubi releases some kind of AC MP in the future, even if it's got a massive learning curve (even for veterans), that focuses on stealth and players playing the game as it was designed. If they could do that then we'd at least be taking the first step towards getting back to AC MP.

P.S. Even if they fix the stealth elements, some parts of the game are unacceptable...like, OMG Ubi your menu layout is an absolute trainwreck, especially in AC4. And why is it so freakin hard to play games with a party?!?!