View Full Version : Anyone Else Hate the Insane Amount of Collectables in AC Games?

05-13-2015, 04:42 AM
I'm all for collecting things in games, it adds something to do instead of missions but the amount put in AC games is overwhelming to say the least. I'd love to one day 100% an AC game but after collecting things for hours only to find you need like another 100 more or something it gets so boring. Does anyone else feel if they just halved the amount of ribbons/ fragments/ etc to collect it would be more fun and worth bothering with collecting?

Right now I only bother if I'm near something, going out my way for a fragment or something seems pointless right now as I know I'm never going to get every single one. They simply put too much in I feel.

05-13-2015, 05:03 AM
No I think it's great they have tons of collectibles. It adds replay value to the game and keeps you in it longer but I think there should be better incentives to collecting them. Sometimes they really don't unlock anything worth having. If collecting them always meant getting something awesome then I think that would help.

05-13-2015, 05:22 AM
They have always had WAAAAY too many collectibles. They need to scale it down to 50 free-floating ones, and 50 chests that are guarded by Templars. With a city so big they'd be able to spread those out nicely, and I might be inclined to actually try to get them.