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05-13-2015, 02:39 AM
I know that a lot of people are happy with Syndicate being only single player, and if they actually do make a great game then i'm happy for everyone that'll get the game. Personally, AC's main story hasn't interested me enough since AC2 but i've always bought the games. As I've gotten older, SP games haven't really interested me as much since I tend to really only play games with people now. And there are people that still liked the co-op, and i'm sure they aren't done with it completely. So here are the ideas I hope they put in the next co-op AC game. Of course co-op should be separate from the single player story

Co-op Character Creation... bare with me.

What i'm thinking isn't one like most RPGs. What i'm suggesting is a set based of character designs ones that allow the player to select from race and gender, and beard styles. Anything else would be too much. Of course if they do more then cool, but this way everyone can play as who they want to.
Class based Assassins

​I get we all like being master assassins but when it comes to co-op, being able to upgrade and do everything that the other players can do isn't that great.. it's not as fun (co-op wise) with two/four Arno's running around
I think co-op should limit itself to 3 players, if they use the Classes i'll discuss below
3 Classes: Range, Poison, Bomb.

Range-Bow (When we move back in time) upgrades such as: draw faster, shoot two arrows, more range, rope arrows, pin arrows, etc. (rope arrow could be used like the zip-line in syndicate, and pin arrows can pin enemies to walls/the floors)
Poison-Upgrades such as: sleep, timed poison, stealth poison, poison darts, berserk poison, vomit poison (doesn't kill but just causes a guard to leave and may have others check on him/her)
Bomb- Smoke bomb, booby traps, explosive bombs, distraction bombs, tear gas bomb

All classes can work together, creating poison arrows, poison bombs, bomb arrows, or all 3 together.
Select your weapon/fighting style

Because you should have to work together, each player should pick a weapon to start and train with, being masters of all weapons wouldn't focus on co-op if you can do it all yourself.
Example: Range assassin picks hand-to-hand combat to train in, which can upgrade to disarming, and redirecting attacks (Ezio in Revelations trailer)

Co-op Customization... this is better but a lot

What I didn't think was really useful in AC:Unity was how the clothing had attributes that improved the 4 skills. Rather the upgrades to the character should be the focus like what i said above
Customization regarding clothing should only consist of selecting what hood we want (could be any from the past games plus more [syndicate's hood is sick], chest pieces, forearms, etc... pretty much clothing is just for the cosmetic look
Armor- the more armor/padding you have for defense the slower you are. But you can take more damage and it alters your animations as well. More heavily padded assassins can have animations where they guard attacks with their forearm, more barbaric attacks.
No armor- Assassins with no armor are quicker and it is shown in climbing, running, and their combat. Animations could consist of Parkour flips, quicker dogging. Similar to Shao Jun.

Co-op Missions... not the story but something else

Of course there should be a co-op story but that's up to Ubisoft to decide, this is what i'm thinking for post story. Suggesting the story doesn't end with us becoming master assassins but rather fundamental members in the order. There can be a post story set of missions that'll let us become master assassins.
Remember the missions we sent our brotherhood on in Brotherhood and Revelations? Those missions are the one's i'm suggesting. This would also provide Ubisoft to make more money with DLCs

They could have 10 or 15 missions already done for release in various cities, Rome, Florance, Italy, Masyaf. And later throughout the months could release other cities with different missions.

Well those are just some of my ideas, I know it's a bit selfish and what I want isn't what everyone wants. But I just felt like posting some of them on here.

05-13-2015, 03:11 AM
There may not be one if Syndicate fails to deliver. Syndicate has so many expectations to meet, and this game must redeem the series. Ubisoft practically shattered their fanbase after Unity.

05-13-2015, 05:30 AM
There may not be one if Syndicate fails to deliver. Syndicate has so many expectations to meet, and this game must redeem the series. Ubisoft practically shattered their fanbase after Unity.

Yea, i'm not buying this one. And I'm fine with that. The way Ubisoft has been releasing these games, the quality has been dropping. The series has the potential, but they need to focus on the games one at a time.