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05-12-2015, 10:33 AM
I simply don't understand those people who demand a female protagonist for an AC game. The gender of the character is completely meaningless. The only thing that matters is a good story and good gameplay. This is a video game for ****s sake, not some gender equality propaganda. And besides, many Assassin's Creed games had strong female side characters. I'm going to anger a lot of ugly feminists with this post :D but I don't care. I have freedom of speech!

05-12-2015, 11:58 AM
I don't mind either... (although females are easier on the eye ;)) as you say it is just a game. The problem now days is whether something is cost effective... I don't think there is much (if any) financial difference between have a male or female lead character, but....

Some people would like a gender choice at the start and the problem I have with that is the cost.
It does not double the price but whatever increase the studio has for voice recording and animations and costumes... it either gets passed on to us or a budget gets cut elsewhere.

Which means having a male or female but not the choice of gender in every game. Perhaps it is time for a new Tomb Raider game... or a female assassin or perhaps, Ubi should see if it would be cost effective to offer a different gender DLC.

05-12-2015, 07:15 PM
Well your chance of getting serious replys just dissapered with this '' I'm going to anger a lot of ugly feminists with this post but I don't care. I have freedom of speech! '' and no i am not a feminist, i am normal guy that like something new happening in the games, i am kinda bored of playing robin hood over and over again, so i will just recieve this with open arms, i think its a good move by them

And i dont see why it matters so much to you if they add female character to be played in the game? Cause i can basically turn your argument back to you about you getting so worked up over them adding a female character to the game, if they want to add a female character let them? Why get so worked up over it?

Well in the end what does it matter what i say to you, you will probably read this and laugh and think that everyone that arguments against you is a ''ugly feminist'' , seriously though, this just feels like a troll thread where you want reactions, but hey like i said what does it matter what i say it will prob just bounce back at your ''everyone who arguments against me is a ugly feminist wall'' :cool:

05-12-2015, 07:28 PM
I think they can have sections of the games where you play as a female but it is not optional to play as a male... but I think it will never be economical to be able to pick male or female to play the whole game... But having played co-op with a few female players... I can assure you that women are just as deadly as men :D so having a female Assassin game would be ok.

05-12-2015, 11:43 PM
Maybe I should start this by saying I'm a woman.

I don't particularly care if the protagonist is male or female, especially not for the sake of 'equality'. However I would like to see a female protagonist as it could be interesting and it's something different. I don't think presenting a choice at the beginning of an AC game would work in the series though cuz you're supposed to play out 'genetic memories'. Therefore the gender is 'fixed' within history and it wouldn't makes sense for some people to relive them as either male or female. And the only way it would work to play some parts as a woman and some as a man, is when they are (closely) related. As would be the case in the up coming Syndicate. (curious to see what's going to happen there). Unless of course you'd be switching between present day protagonists. (Wouldn't it be interesting to play as and Abstergo employee and an assassin reliving the same time period as different characters( male/female.)).

05-13-2015, 09:18 PM
Wow I'm actually surprised there aren't any feminists in this thread. Because most people I've talked with appear to be typical feminists who think "game companies oppress female players By always making a white, straight male as the protagonist" blah blah...they are always like this. Anyway, I certainly don't have anything against a female character. Like I said, the only thing that matters to me is the story and gameplay. But the huge controversy about the absence of female characters in Unity, it's just exaggerated and stupid.