View Full Version : Altair's Robes

05-12-2015, 05:06 AM
After weeks of grinding The Unity Companion app and using my data, an update occurred. Blemishing, and besmurching all the time consuming riddles and just plain waiting. I'm not going to call Ubisoft out, but it's insanely unbelievable for those of us who have only got the app for the robes for it to be replaced after literally being a few missions away. I don't wish to understand why they did this or their motive, but I'm sure I can speak for thousands if not millions of players that this is unacceptable, an outrage. (Surprised I haven't seen a thread about this bad turn of events for us grindersbof the master assassins robe of the great Altair.

Just did all the Helix Rifts. Now your telling me I need to get all the artifacts, and they spawn one at a time per mission? No thanks. I only recently started playing because my gold membership expired. Now when I began playing again I'm subjected to wasted time and utter dissapointment in this change.

Guess I'll have to use Shay's or Ezio's outfit on my campagin, not like I earned and feel proud of it, I wonder why?(update) Maybe I'll show my cool threads on multiplayer, oh wait. Everyone has those robes now! Why even bother grinding anymore. I already gave up on the Boo, I mean Crew.