View Full Version : Why does everyone in this game use the cheapest most unrespectable ways to win?

05-11-2015, 11:10 PM
I have been playing for a few days now and with a few friends from time to time. I have noticed in every PvP match be it 1v1, 2v2, or 3v3 everyone I have faced minus the very new players uses a mass amount of cheap and dirty ways to play a PvP match, I expect this kind of behavior from CoD and Battlefield players but this community has let me down by being dirty fighters with no respect. I can not understand why people have become such mindless drones like those that play CoD and Battlefield. Ubisoft has been one of my favorite game developers for a long time and even though they have had a few really bad mistakes with recent games they have always been a good company but the Air Mech community has so far ruined the PvP aspect of the game for me and as to note so far a few others who have actually removed the game from their PC's and PS4's alike due to the less than respectable tactics used by the community. I feel for Ubisoft for having such a worthless community one who strives to ruin the fun of the game for no other reason than to have a bragging right that, like CoD and Battlefield camping losers, claim as being one of the best but in actuality using a cheap tactic to win makes you less respected and more of a drain on the gaming industry. Winning isn't everything but winning a hard battle a true test of skill no longer exists because of communities like this one and those of CoD and Battlefield. Games used to require strategy and tactics, not abusing the easy win but showing you had skill not the ability to pump out cheap units and flood your opponent but getting into the fight and getting your hands dirty. This community has let me down, I truly expected more from a community based on a Ubisoft game but yet there always will be a first. I feel for you all and only hope none of you bring your lame tactics to The Siege because it has the potential to be a really good game.

05-12-2015, 09:50 AM
What version are you playing on?Also this game is made by an indie company named Carbon Games,ubisoft only provide severs and some other things,Carbon Games is an indie company,you can't expect it to able to achieve crazy perfect balance,even StarCraft 2 can't do it,how can an indie company achieve such thing?Also,what do you mean by cheap tactics?If you mean spamming Jackals and tanks there are always counter to them.If you meant by cheesing then maybe you should actually look on the radar.

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