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05-11-2015, 08:32 PM
Dead Knights chapter could have been more relevant to the AC3 and AC Rouge and AC Victory/Syndicate.

I prefer that after the death of Germain in 1794 Elise would not have died and married Arno, a truce would have happened between the victorious assassins and the defeated Templars on one condition that they would help Arno (who will become mentor to pursue his father's killer) somehow he knows he is Shay Cormac and then tracks him down.

In 1781 just before the death of Achilles he tells Connor about Shay and how dangerous he is and he must be killed after the independence of the colonies from Britain and the completion of his main target, he knows he went to France to kill Charles 5 years ago he sets to France in 1794 after hearing about the victory of Arno and arrives in 1795 where he is greeted by Arno and by people and Clues like Benjamin Franklin and others in 1796 they meet up with him and a fight starts, 65year old Shay vs the 40 years old Connor and 28 year old Arno who easily kill Shay. After this Connor returns and imposes a peace treaty with the Templars in the Colonies after a similar move in France and then Europe. This peace treaty stays well after the quiet death of Arno and Connor till another Templar/Assassin war outbreaks in Britain, announcing the beginning of AC Victory/Syndicate.

05-11-2015, 09:11 PM
Now that is a fan fiction, at least Rogue wasn't over the top. Arno has Napoleon to deal with, Connor may or may not know of Shay. Shay could be hiding the box anywhere.