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05-10-2015, 11:32 PM
Assassinís Creed Chronicles is a side-scrolling action adventure game that very similar to mark of the ninja. The traditional chinese watercolor technique is very unique. The level designs remind me of Prince of Persiaart from 1989 with 2.5D map that not only you can move in 4 dimensions but you can also move into and out of map to next plateform.


+Unique chinese watercolor Art design as background
+Controls are a bit awkward at start but the game is very fun and challenge once you get to used to them
+Assassin feeling that you pretty must get one shot if you decide to just slaughter all enemies
+Many different routes to achieve same goal
+Chinese vocal for all the guards and their interactions
+There are collectible scattering around the map
+Movement and killing animations are very smooth and nature
+Story line gives a little mystery feeling and not so related to previous Assassin's Creed franchise
+The protagonist is a badass female character
+Only cost 10$


+Not much story line relating to previous assiaain's creed frechase other then the protagonists just want to revenge
+Controls are all over place for new players
+Very limited level design that there is only so much environmental interactions.
+Poor AI design that guards do nothing and watch me climb over the cliff without any sort of rock and object in between

Assassinís Creed Chronicles is a decent game with the cost of 10$. At this cost i wouldn't ask for too much. It was also a very different play style from all the other games.

v check out below if you would like to see our play through :)
Video Link Here! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnIjZG520qI&index=1&list=PLNRecgIDEAtO09l6iagWkp4SYE_vycnyj)