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JJ Bricks
05-10-2015, 10:30 PM
After playing AC Unity, do you think there were missing basic details from previous ACs or things that could be worked better that would have done this game a much more ejoyable experience? Why, whyy, whyyyy?

1. Why death bodies dissapear in the middle of a mission?
2. Why we cannot carry death bodies and use them as distractions or to hide them in order to prevent to be discovered?
3. Why we cannot whistle to call the attention of an enemy from a hideout place?
4. Why we cannot use an enemy as a human shield when we are about to receive a gunshot?
5. Why, when we are aiming with a gun or the phantom blade, the target reticule is a white dot instead of something like ą, ϴ, ⊙, ╬, +, etc., that allows you to aim better? Do you know how uncomfortable it is to try to find out that white dot mixed with the colors of the background?
6. Why we cannot interact with animals, like in AC IV?
7. What is the point of using stun grenades? The smoke bomb is much more effective. Wouldn't have been better to replace this one with the rope darts from AC IV (since in AC IV you could only use them until the sequence 11) or any other more interesting weapon?
8. Why when you go near or through any fire (in the street for example), you don't get burned like in AC IV?
9. Since the clothing get wet when swimming, wouldn't have been great to have the wet effect in the cloth when it rains? Also the people's reaction to be different when starts raining would have been a nice detail in the game.
10. Why we need to wait until complete sequence 5 in order to unlock the "Double air assassination" skill? Wouldn't have been better to have it after sequence 2, like the "Double assassination" skill, since it is the same thing but only from a high place? This would make also more enjoyable to play secondary missions after sequence 2, without have to wait to the end of sequence 5.
11. The locksmith skills are very needed from the very beginning. To have all of them available throughout the first 6 sequences would have made the game more enjoyable, since we need to get back to every high level chest we have pending due the lack of the "Master Locksmith" skill.
12. Why we cannot grab weapons from the floor and use them against the enemies. It would have been great to even be able to through the long and the heavy ones to them, like in other AC games, like the Brotherhood?
13. Why we cannot grab and throw an enemy during a figth?
14. Why we can't disarm an enemy?
15. Why we can't knock out an enemy without killing them?

I'm wondering what will come in the new AC Victory. It seems to be great, but I hope Ubisoft do not forget the basic good things from previous AC games that made this franchise outstanding, and my preferred one. :cool:

05-10-2015, 10:36 PM
The answer is mutually assured sale and purchase by the developer and consumer, respectively. Each year Ubisoft wows its fanbase with flashy cinematic trailers and 'game-engine' footage, buying their obsequious hearts and wallets in under a minute.

Ubisoft knows that the product will sell, even if it's half finished.

05-11-2015, 01:04 AM
Most of the issues you are complaining about are some of the smallest mechanics that are dismissed by the majority of players.

1. So that it doesn't affect framerate. Also, 'cause you're in an Animus and it's a simulation.
2. Too many mechanics overlapping the other was an established issue with previous games.
3. You have tools. Use them to draw eyes away or mask you from enemies.
4. A major problem within Unity, but the AI would still render it useless since enemies farther from you will quickshot you giving you no time or a slit second to react. The player can only meat shield from enemies that are in a firing line or a single enemy. If another person shoots during the animation, you will receive damage while shielding the bullet from the enemy you are protecting yourself from. If you apply this mechanic to the Unity enemy AIs where they all shoot at separate times, it renders it useless.
5. It's for precision. If you've played GTA or Max Payne 3, they use a white dot as well. Sure, it could have been something else.
6. And this is supposed to benefit the player? ACIII had the most animations for animal interaction, but since it's not an important mechanic they got rid of it.
7. You have to take other mechanics into account when dealing with any other bombs besides smoke bombs. This is a co-op game as well and it also introduces the creed points mechanic. Stun grenades are tied to getting points, whereas smoke bombs will only grant points if you it used for distraction only. And what if you're out of smoke bombs? You can still rely on stun grenades if you've any.
8. You're going to avoid the fire, anyways. What's the deal? If you want to get burned, go up to the prison. Those fires will burn you.
9. Actually, clothing does get wet when it rains. This was introduced in ACIII.
10. These sequences go by fast, and make sure you're using all of your tools to kill or distract. The game isn't always pushing you to kill everyone.
11. Agreed.
12. You can switch weapons on the fly as long as you are not in a position that does not allow you to access the customization menu. This is also due to what I said on #2.
13. You couldn't do that from ACIII to Unity. Also, grabbing enemies during a fight looks stupid and most enemies counter it.
14. With the establishment of no fist fighting in Unity, it would not work and enemies would not be able to do anything but swing empty handed.
15. You can. Just choke them or knock their health to zero. If you're spamming the attack button, that's your fault if you killed them.

05-11-2015, 02:08 AM
3. Why we cannot whistle to call the attention of an enemy from a hideout place?
4. Why we cannot use an enemy as a human shield when we are about to receive a gunshot?

Agree with both of these

05-11-2015, 04:51 AM
People wanting that five year old difficulty back, nothing new................

The Human shield was pretty overpowered in the first place so I donīt miss it. However I could think that including it once the enemies are about do die is plausible. Other than that, meh.

Thing I would have included:

1 Seasons.
2 Better and more weather effects.
3 A countryside with forests, chateaux and such.
4 More and bigger rift sections that actually mattered in the story: The vikings raids, Paris of Cardinal Richelieu, The 1830 Revolution, etc, etc. Summarizing: more Paris/France and their lore throughout the centuries
5 Background music, although I didnīt miss it as much as in AC III, though.

05-11-2015, 05:40 AM
Things that would have been good if they changed it in terms of gameplay alone:

1) Tougher enemies - I.E. enemies who are actually hard to beat and not merely elaborate and time consuming and prolonged. Guys who you need to improve your skills and combat to actually beat, rather than making fighting itself boring and time-consuming. If they want to make it pure stealth, make it pure stealth, make it possible to ghost through the open-world and then we will talk.

2) Eagle Vision - The main reason why UNITY-Mr.Going-Back-To-AC1 deserves utter contempt and zero respect is that a lot of its stealth is based on Black Flag: Alarm Bells, Rooftop Sniper Archetype, Making every side mission and heist mission taken from plantation raids. But the worst thing is they brought back the Eagle Vision in Black Flag which was highly overpowered, with X-Ray eyes and see through walls.

What made this even worse was that it created these floating blobs of coloured goo on the map and destroyed the aesthetics. In the Colonial settler world of jungles and ugly buildings of Black Flag, that made some sense but in 18th Century Paris, with all these nice buildings, it killed the aesthetic, because you have floating stuff behind the walls of these buildings and places. Needless to say, it was also way overpowered and killed any pretenses of difficulty. Go back to AC1 Eagle Vision.

3) Play as Elise - UNITY is Elise's story, Arno is just there because he's a male meat-puppet put forth by highly timid developers who find women too hard to animate. The plot is about Templars, the lore of UNITY is about Templars, Elise is Lady-Ezio avenging her father's death and the game would have been miles better, even as a counter-revolutionary story, if she was the heroine.

If they want to make a male UNITY, the hero should be Pierre Bellec, an actual renegade assassin and morally ambiguous character who fits the time period. It would obviously be a totally different game than with either Arno or Elise, on every level so it doesn't fit here.

4) Side-missions/Factions - I miss the interaction with the factions in AC2-Brotherhood and the Homestead, where you actually feel like one-of-the-people. I would have taken it further and integrated it into the main missions. Like say a side-mission character will create an opportunity in the main mission and there will be additional cutscenes to accomodate that so players can have a modular experience even within the confines of a linear single-story game.

5) No full synchronization -- I mean it no objectives and correct way. Give side-missions and objectives and have the players find out the golden nuggets and let them figure out which is the closest to what the Ancestor does.

6) No crouch -- It's stupid and nonsensical. They knew what they were doing when they kept the crouch out of the games in AC1 and AC2.